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    So this weekend I place my first order with Turkish Pharmacy based on the reviews he gets for the gear and his customer service .I ordered some AndronebTest Opiox Deca. Blue Hearts. Iran Hormone Anadrol and Rox winny. Originally I requested only 10 Amps of Androne then decided to swap out the winny for 10 more amps of Androne. He emailed me saturday informing me opiox deca was O.O.S and offered Balkan or Alpha. Also said he will be leaving the winny in my order a d will add the extra 10 Amos of Androne!
    So far I am pleased with the customer service and quick response to emails. He emailed me first thing this morning with a tracking number and included a photo of the actual Evelope/tracking Label.
    He just shipped it this morning and to my surprise I received an update informing b.c
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  2. Express mail service is simply EMS:
    its an express postal shipping method. Uses ordinary ways of post office but faster. They put them in different bags, moves faster, but doesnt guarantee that.

    Private Courier is private company shipping(DHL-UPS-Aramex), thats the difference and reason it arrives faster than EMS, its also more expensive.

    In our case, we use post office's private courier which is when they simply make agreements with private companies and post office accepts, hands the shipping over to the company and they deliver not post office itself like regular airmail or EMS.

    For most EU countries, EMS is not necessary, if in rush you can use private courier, if not you can use regular airmail. You can check details from our shipping info page, I tried to write down as much information as possible there:
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    Oh thanks for the clarification my friend!
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    TP always takes care of his customers, enjoy brother
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    TP has some of the best service out of any source I have dealt with...everything went smoothly with my very first order. Paid for private shipping and received my pack in 3 days.

    TP was even generous enough to throw in some extras for free.

    Placed another order yesterday waiting to get email confirmation back. Impressed so far with the service
  6. Thanks bro, I need serious guys like you who know what they are doing.

    Genotropin 36 IU is back in stock, as Norditropins are pre-mixed, I will not sell them during summer time anymore probably.

    Got also some discount now, 210 usd-36 IU:

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    TP hands down, is one of my top dudes I deal with. Been using him over 2-3yrs off and on. Dude takes care of his people. 3 days is smoking fast for across the water like that.
  8. Richard Gasco

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    I placed an order last Friday. He shipped it on Monday. I live in the North East . I also paid for Private shipping I got my Package Tuesday. The Very Next Day !
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  9. Wow, I really didnt expect that. :eek:
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    What about insulin ? Does it survive the shipping process ?
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  11. Insulin can be kept outside in room temp for 28 days, also Norditropin lasts 21 days outside the fridge, in room temp. But I rather not sell it.
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    ups order landed, took 2 bussiness days and I allso got some freebies in the order, More than satisfied with Turkish pharmacy, a true pro at this!
  13. TP Domestic Line tablet steroids are in capsules and they contain steroid powder + real candy powder inside as filler. So please dont get suspicious when you taste the powder and it tastes good (happened many times) just use it and you will see the results :)

    TP Domestic Line.jpg
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  14. Pop Rocks or Pixie Stix? :D
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  15. Sorry bro I am not familiar with those brands :)
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    So I ordered a bunch of stuff from TP recently. He gave me the option of using UPS shipping for $60 so I said fuck it.

    He sent me tracking one day and less than 24hrs later I had the package in my hand. That is some fucking service.

    As always TP is top notch. If anyone thinks I'm riding this sources dick check back to page one post #19. I called him out on something and he happily proved me wrong and ever since then I have probably placed and 15+ orders. Guy is a true professional with his service and how he handles himself on the board.

    Thanks for the quality service @Turkish Pharmacy
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  17. Damn I didnt expect that bro, happy to know :)

    I remember us waiting for shippings to arrive for 2-3 weeks :(
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    Ah the good old days. It's worth the $60.
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    Definitely, especially with the summer heat i would much rather get items overnight than let them be transferred for weeks. Also Turkish pharmacy is so easy communication wise and once again i say i liked the gifts.
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  20. Actually I didnt have an idea to use private courier method as a shipping method, clients here kept asking me so I found a simple way to do it. Normally I started with Aramex and DHL but I saw UPS is much faster so switched to that one. Mostly use UPS now. Sometimes use others depending on how many shippings I got that day. Sending too much through just one may get unnecessary attention so I lay low as much as possible. Shipping of @bonacris seems to have arrived in like 18 hours after sending which made me really suprised.
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