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    They are really high quality, ups in my eyes is much better than dhl, faster and better tracking also. But it is great having the package at your door so fast. But good thought on splitting.
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  2. i wasn't sure if you had those in Turkey. The Turkish children are better off without them. They're basically Pure sugar with a handful of dyes.
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    Turkey has so many traditional sweets that there is no need to import. Maybe the best cuisine innthe world when it comes to sweets!
  4. Yeah we got lots of sweets but I cant eat any of them due to my fcking bodybuilding diet :) I loved Skittles when we were a kid, later they went off the market for years. When they came back it was too late, I couldnt eat anymore due to that diet.
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    Haha i understand you bro, baklava is a diet bomb! Good luck having any definition while eating toise delicacies :(
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  6. We always have problems with Cabaser because they come in very short expiration dates, like in 05-2019 we could get latest 10-2019. Now its back in stock with new exp date of 12-2020 (longest time gap I have ever seen :) )

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    I am new here.
    Has anyone tried TP US Domestic line? Is it legit?
    Its ugl stuff so I am a bit worried/cautious.
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    Try reading the thread... it has your answer...
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    it's legit i know people who run TP domestic test cyp
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  11. Due to non-trustable quality of peptides I can get, I prefer not to sell them unfortunately.
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    No worries, that's understandable. Maybe get them off your site though so u stop getting my hopes up. ;)
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    hi guys , i'm Dorian aka Iron1977 member of professionnel muscle since 2007 !
    I moved to Turkey and needed a supplier , i choose to order from Tp

    First of all , this guy is really gentle and very cool ! he take time to answers to questions. His very professionnal and communication is spot on !

    When you order from him you get alays freebies and not like 5 tabs but a real good present that is really pleasant i must say

    Here what i have order :

    Im in Turkey and i took pharma gh but it s expensif , i moved to his hygetropin and i must say it it as good as the pharma stuff, i take 8 ui of hyges and really like the effect , when i take 4 ui i get a lot of sides when i take more like 8 ui most sides are gone don t ask me why i don t know , it s specific to my body

    Genisis tren acetate and parabolan 100% legit great stuff and pharma quality

    Rox pharma great surpris stuff is legit

    Balkan , oxy, clen, Anavar are legit

    Clen generic is legit


    I hope he gonna get more genesis products for injectables like npp
  14. That Hygetropin is probably the most underrated product I got, I used it myself and went up to 8 IU like you and it gave me so much hand numbness that I couldnt train(HGH causes temporary carpal tunnel syndrome), I also started to lose fat pretty fast, it is very potent. But as its Chinese, Trump supporters dont like it I guess lol.

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    Which raws dont come from china anyway?
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  16. That is %100 right.
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    Another flawless landing with a little extras from TP. True business man appreciate you @Turkish Pharmacy
  18. Hey fellas I've been around meso for a while and wanted to give my thumbs up to TP. True professional and for the Canadian boys go with ups as delivery method. I was shocked when it arrived in a week and packaged solid. Thanks TP and I'll post back in a month or 2 as I'm curious to test our this rox pharma var. The pills are tiny for 20mg a pill though but I doubt size matters in this case. The clen is super strong too I cramped up in my abs for first time ever on 40mcg.
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    40mcg was super strong for u? shit maybe i have ridiculous tolerance but i don't feel shit until its at least 120mcg
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    Same I have a stupid tolerance for stims. My go to for a sluggish Monday is 60-80mcg clen, 50mg inject ephedra and 500mg caffeine. Lit ASF!
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