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  1. I dont think so. We just got basics now like nolvadex and proviron in TP Domestic line.

    If you mean Pfizer Aromasin, we dont have our international products stocked in USA unfortunately. In case of urgent need, you can use our "Private Courier" shipping method, should arrive in 2-5 days.
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    yea it is true; companies can change packaging all the time. I dont how it is with gear; but I'll tell you about oil pens(thc/weed carts) in the states; there are specific brands that are held to a certain standard; they could go anywhere between 60-70 dollars a pen retail. Because there are so many fucking pens going around being faked; literally by guys in UGLs who have the same raw materials to the point where they can make such good fakes. The real company actually started to fuck with the packaging and now you cannot tell which is real or fake unless yo u actually go the the site where they manufacture and distribute the pens; two counterfeited pens I know of are Kingpens and Brass Knuckles. Now with gear you should know if you shit is counterfeited if shit don't work; or if you ran the same shit before but results are very very significantly diff than before. Weed pens you cannot tell the difference cause the same counterfeits can smoke very well; but same time the shit that these UGLs put in it can really fuck your lungs up or very toxic.
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    Hey bud, any idea when your genotropin pens will be back in stock?
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  4. Next week hopefully. Someone abused and bought all of them and I ran out :( Will update from here.
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    I just sent payment for my order but are you still shipping via UPS DHL ect ?

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    i like SP and willing to pay extra for them
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    @Turkish Pharmacy great job on the private courier man :), hopefully it works out well
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  8. You seem to have chosen Private Courier as shipping method, if so it will already be sent thru DHL, Aramex or UPS.

    Should last about 2-4 days to arrive when sent.
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    This is fantastic finally an international source that ships private carrier. I'm also excited to try the Opiox deca and the Rox Winny!
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    @Turkish Pharmacy , just a quick question about the Genesis meds injectable Winstrol, in the description you say it’s 100mg/ml. Is this correct? If so I think this is what I would use if I were to run injectable win again. This would help cut down on the volume needed to inject per week. Good price for it too
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  11. genesis-meds-stanozolol-depot.jpg
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    @Turkish Pharmacy will you be stocking inject ephedra anytime ? BTW this source has never let me down ever In the past 2-3yrs. Hands down true business man
  13. Yeah like @MisterSuperGod has shown, its 100mg-ml, I didnt try this one but most 100 mg stanozolol injectables hurt like bee sting or maybe more :)

    Also you probably(been there :) ) cant cut the volume of injections because mostly you can use 0.5 ml instead of 1 ml due to injection site pain.
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    And i might add the prices are very good, i really like this source as well.
  15. I normally didnt used to send with private shipping but many people started to ask, so I started to use it. I cant send too many shippings with private courier to lay low so I will not advertise it much from now on :)

    I also dont know if private courier is the correct word for it but I cant choose the company so I just said private courier instead of companies' names. I wrote private courier-turpex on checkout. I am open for better ideas because people seem to get confused by it.

    Shipping info:
  16. Will do soon, will update you about it bro.
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    Question for you, good sir: how would you say your pharma/vet grade Kiev Pharma equipoise compares all-around to a top UGL Equipoise such as that from SP Labs EQ?
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  18. As Kiev Boldenone is not a well known product, its very low possibility that it is fake in any source(few sources have it), its also cheap in Ukraine.
    SP Boldenone is 200mg/ml and properly dosed, I know from personal experience and labs say the same.

    Unfortunately now both are out of stock :(
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  19. I get questions about customs success rate of private courier shipping, it is sent with DHL, Aramex or UPS(client cant choose but doesnt matter), arrives to USA, in about 2-5 days, EU is a bit faster. So far we didnt have any problems since a few weeks about customs, before using it as an ordinary shipping method , I tried a few times myself for a few packs also. For other countries also we didnt have any issues. Canada goes through well, we do not send to Australia and Germany. (Germany is nearly %100 successful with regular airmail, AU customs are hell on earth)

    Please try not to order through private courier if you are not in a hurry because I cant send lots of shippings through it. (saying this makes me look extremely busy which is not true :) )

    All other reship guarantees are valid for private courier shipping method too.
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    hey man aside fro the private courier and the standard you also have an express option, is that dhl as well? I am ordering to europe btw
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