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    im same without ephedra though, thats wild i like ur stack, what ur thoughts on modafinil? it's a different kind of stimulant, makes u wake the fuck up, alert and focused without the jerkiness.
    note though some of my friends get serious headaches from it and it screws up their sleep but it works gold for me.
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  3. rester

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    im also interested if anyone has feedback on this product please let us know
  4. penche

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    That’s exactly what happen to me, was working great but one 200mg dose of modafinil and I caught the absolute worse headache. It was bad. Not sure what caused it. I was also on clen too. Maybe bad reaction using both? I might give it another chance at 100mg alone tho.

    Yessir that stack i mentioned is proven to get you going for sure! Skin wants to run away from you lol
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  5. No one seems to respond so please let me do that myself.

    BVS is an UGL:

    We only have their tadalafil because its 100 tab-20 mg and it works well. Other products work well but they are very expensive compared to their popularity.

    BVS Tadalafil has 2 downsides: -Few of their tabs have slight color differences. But all work well, its about tablet pressing machine I guess.

    -Their boxes make a lot of noise, for shipping safety, we open them up and put cotton inside to prevent the sound. Some clients dont want us to open them, in that case we send in sealed boxes but dont give reship guarantee for that shipping.

    When you take two tabs on Friday, it makes you go on all weekend.
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  6. Omegistosalex

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    Very trustworthy source i say it once again, i had an issue with my order witch was resolved immediately!
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    BVS tadalifil probably the best UGL there is. I have tried from 3 different UGL's and none had the efficacy of BVS (imo). Havent noticed color differences in tabs and have gone through 3 bottles. Highly recommended.
  8. rester

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    i might give it a shot next time
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    This was done on a blind sample sent to jano, i got these iran hormone Test E from TP

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  10. rester

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    thank you very much, it's very useful brother
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    Anybody have any input about the Rox Pharma Riprox? Looks like a good choice for a cut cycle but am just wondering about the pip. Any experiences, feels reports are ok. thanks Bob.
  12. Basedout

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    So Im a little late writing my review, and I apologize that this is my first post. However. I ordered some domestic cyp a few weeks back for my trt. I paid for 5 bottles but made the mistake of ordering the ems shipping and paid a little extra. He sent 7 bottles which was really nice. My apologies for the miscommunication. I will say I am very happy with a quality of his cyp. Will be getting more soon. Thanks again for everything. You will be hearing from me soon.

    On a side note anyone tried his domestic mast e?
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  13. Happy to hear that Basedout. I am sorry about it, you shouldnt be. Miscommunication is not your mistake, we cant apply two different shipping methods on web site system so many people get confused. Need to choose the cheapest shipping method available for TP Domestic Line orders, if an expensive method is chosen, we add more stuff automatically to order to make it even.

    I dont know why but that TP Domestic Cypionate is some serious stuff, everyone keeps buying domestic cyp, which is normally the least selling testosterone ester among testosterones that vendors sell.
  14. My honest opinion is that domestic mast e is pretty expensive, I would go with tren e if I were to get one. Price/performance rate is much better, of course if you can tolerate the sides of tren.
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  15. bob357sig

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    Pack landed TP. Everything looks good, no broken amps, took me 5 minits to open the pack up lol. Already planning my next blast for late winter, im trying to do better planning and stay one blast ahed of things so probably another order soon. Thanks again. Bob
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  16. Basedout

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    Yea I see its a bit expensive. I was also planning on throwing some domestic deca and some of that pharma Anadrol you got in your international section a bit down the line once Im done with this cruise. Be in touch soon.

    Thanks again.
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  17. rester

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    my friend runs domestic test cyp too and recommends it. i never tried domestic though.
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  18. rester

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    anyone tried melanotan 2? seems like legit sites sell it by just googling "buy melanotan 2 injections" probably because the regulations on this are minimal.
    do u sell it TP?
    i might try it, anyone got experience?
  19. BIG74

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    I've used it, helps you get tan very fast. Also a side effect is getting an erection. I saw mentioned on here (meso) a peptide company named Blue sky that was supposed to be legit. Also a place called progen peptide.

    I added 1 ml bac water to puck, and dosed weekly 1x inject at 10 iu sub q.

    Good mixing and dosing calculator found here , as well as info.
    Melanotan 2 Tanning injections
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  20. TP---I told you weeks ago the domestic Test Cyp would be a hit here because so many guys are on TRT here in the states . Im going on my 9th week on cycle , still smooth and Im lifting my PR"s . Cant ask for more than that.....~Ogh :D