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  1. Wow, happy to hear that. I wish I could use them too but we cant/dont ship Tp Domestic Line internationally. :(
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  2. We got Melatonine, sleeping hormone in tablet form but not the peptide. We dont have peptides due to inconsistent quality they got here.
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    Got my latest order from TP. Iran Anavar and pharma aromasin. He threw in a box of clen as a freebie. It appears he took my advice on packaging and this time it was perfect.
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  4. New boxes and lotes of Balkan Pharma Oxandrolone have arrived:

    They come in 25 tab blisters so we count 50 tabs as a box.

    20190727_155234.jpg 20190727_155217.jpg bb20190727_155217.jpg
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    is it ur same source as before? what u think about the whole story about balkan shutting down? u should inquire ur source about it
  7. No this is another source that I was normally not using, ran out of Balkan's oxandrolone on all the sources so I got these from a new guy. He didnt say anything about shutting down. Web site also works as usual, wasnt working yesterday. I got confused too, some clients have also asked me about it.
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    @Den84 may elaborate on this.

    some people said balkan said they're shutting down for security measures but not actually shutting down, which is kinda weird. i guess we'll see.
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    @Turkish Pharmacy Is there any injectable sdrol on your page? Couldn't find any maybe missed it....
  10. Never had, unfortunately.
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    Recieved my order today. Packaging was perfect. The shipping time is crazy fast, it took less than 48 hours! Definitely. My go-to guy from now on. Thanks!
  12. Some shitty and unedited photos :)

    IMG-20190802-WA0015.jpeg IMG-20190802-WA0013.jpeg IMG-20190802-WA0011.jpeg
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    I am in contact with some Moldovan wholesalers, and I asked to my current wholesaler for info, he his the bigger Moldovan wholesaler and told me that the story about balkan closing is false. these false reports have been circulated only for security reasons. Balkan will never be able to close because over 90% of the drugs that it is producing and selling in Moldavian pharmacies are not steroids, but commonly used drugs (aspirin, statins, antihypertensives ...) if will be closed, these drugs will no longer be available, because Moldova does not import drugs from abroad. my wife is also Moldavian and she is watching the news on streaming (now she no longer lives in Moldova, but she has relatives there, so she keeps herself informed) and no newscast has ever talked about balkan closure. considering that it is the largest factory of medicines in Eastern Europe, if the news about the closure were true, this would be the first news on all newscasts.

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    50mg cialis?? Has anyone used this?
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    Great news!
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    @Turkish Pharmacy ,I see you carry the Hygetropin hgh already, ever consider picking up their anabolic line? I was on there website lastnight and saw they are making some interesting products: 300 mg/ml Boldenone and Deca, plus the usuals- test E, C tren A- E. Just wondering if you have ever inquired as like I said you already have their hgh.
  17. Only have their HGH unfortunately.
  18. At last, lazy mf TP brought in some HMG :)

    75 IU x 5 amp box, Ferring
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    One more successful delivery and with some freebies. Thank you TP
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