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    Been running the caspian test e amps for the last 2 or 3 months. Ive never had any pip with them at all which was a first for me since it was the first pharm grade test I've used.
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  2. OSEM

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    Just wanted to pop in and give a big shout out to TPS customer service. They went above and beyond to correct my mistake, and will be my first choice for anything going forward. Domestic gear is top notch as well.
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  3. Basedout

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    Hope you are ok over there. Just heard about the earthquake. Prayers to you and your family.
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  4. Thanks for asking man really appreciate it :) , luckily I am pretty far away from earthquake.
  5. Samael

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    Hi Turkish,
    How long takes shipping to Slovakia, and whats the success rate?
    Had customs seizure lately because other turkish source posted goods without any stealth.
  6. Slovakia has some strict customs for regular airmail as far as I remember, but private courier method was safe, lasts 2-5 days depending on luck. Dont have much experience sending to Slovakia tho.
  7. balco

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    "Phaggot"? Is that the new Cambridge spelling?
  8. Longevity

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    Anybody use any of the other lines offered? I've used Opiox test e, Iron Pharma NPP, Ih test e and Abuh test e. Only one I didn't like was Iron Pharma. I am looking to get some Whinny oil and tren A. Thanks.
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    From your pic you dont looks like 6month on that dose in my opinion.
  10. Tahsin

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    Iron pharma is bunk I bought it once in Turkey from a diff source. I needed test badly injected some had lots of low T issues then decided to inject the rest of the vial (7ml) still nothing gave up on all those Turkish no name brands as I had no more trust in those then luckily got my hands on a new supply of Aspen sustanon amps. Aspen amps were the best testosterone I've ever had no doubt! Iron pharma is cheap and bunk.

    @Turkish Pharma why did you stop on Abu Raihan!? Test and Tren never made me horny. Test prop first week did though. But the Natural guy who coached me at the gym was always looking at the chicks, and some people on roids are like that too I don't get it. I would have loved to give those Abu Raihans a try. Why is it such a big deal?
  11. Sorry but I have no clue what you are talking about. I just assume Abu Raihan is Aburaihan test e. Other than that I have no idea what you mean, its like blended words related to steroids and bodybuilding :)
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  12. Have you ever used pharma grade HGH? In my opinion that photo looks pretty good for 6 months of usage. HGH's effects are mostly overrated in bodybuilding community.
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    How is shipping to eu with custom?
  14. Which country?
  15. foe516

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    Do the Caspian still require a file to open?
  16. They are pretty easy to open, don't need anything extra to break the amps.
  17. strongerlife

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  18. Netherlands is pretty safe with private courier. With regular airmail there is a slight customs risk. -actually there is always a slight customs risk for any shipping but so far we never had issues there with private courier to there.
  19. Hygetropin 200 IU with regular boxes are back in stock:

    Also have the discreet boxes, modified to look like Minoxidil boxes:
    Their web site started to work as usual again, so their codes can be verified. -It was offline for a few months-
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    Great transaction. Turkish is lightning fast. Thx for the freebie.:D
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