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    Ordered hcg from these guys since Pharmacom ran out.
    I must say Turkish service is lightening fast. Received domestic goods within a few days. I just hope the HCG is legit. Fingers crossed.
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  2. The only international HCG we have is IBSA Choriomon right now, and its more than legit. Its produced in Switzerland and imported to Turkey.

    The TP Domestic Line HCG is Chinese product, it also works well, dunno which one you got :)
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    I can say I ordered from his international product line and I was blown away by product quality! I don’t see a reason to go to anyone else long as prices stay reasonable I don’t mind paying the extra for shipping since the product quality is top notch just piece of mind! Best source I’ve had in a long time! Hope this eases anyone’s mind who was on the fence about ordering with him! Just putting my experience out there with this source very pleased!
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    Hey man how is shipping to greece at the moment?
  5. Hello Omegistosalex, so far nothing positive has happened with Greece shippings :)
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    So I shot 2mls of the gonadon sust amps and 24hrs later no pip. Wanted to share asi was curious about this and I've always had bad luck with sust pip but this stuff is painless.
  7. Gonadon has shitty labels, amps may get broken and cause cuts-I recommend latex gloves when dealing with them-. But that shit is effective and causes no pip at all on most clients even tho its "sustanon".
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    If i ordered some of your aspen sust could you send the other boxes folded so they dont take up the space, or do you just put 10 in a box and send it?

    Also wondering about the Belco, with the 100amp offer do you send all the boxes so the codes can be checked?
  10. They are-Aspen Sustanon- all 10 in 1 box right now, we stiff 10 in a box after we receive a them . Normally we dont send remaining 9 boxes, they are too big for a simple ampoule and cover a lot of space. If you want to order in quantity, I can get a new batch and send boxes in a seperate shipping, would lead to additional shipping price as they wouldnt fit in one package(normally when order is bigger and needs to be sent in seperate shippings, there is no additional shipping price).

    For Gonadon I can send all boxes but their codes are not verifiable by users as far as I know. They come 10amps in 1 box so we just send them as they are.
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    Thank you for the answers, as far as i know the belco is verifiable through the website. Do you have a rough eta on how long it would take to get a new batch once i placed the order? What would the minimum order be to receive the boxes in a seperate pack?
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  13. Just saw the web site and verification, its probably a new system they got, the Gonadons I have right now have 05-2020 exp, they dont have scratch codes. I got around 200 amps remaining right now.

    15th of February was annual price raise date for Turkish pharmacy products, as the pharmacy depots kept stocks aside until the raise, it may take like 2 weeks to restock Aspens, normally it would take 2-3 days to restock. If you order 100 amps I can get a new batch. If you would like them all in boxes, can probably send like 15-20 amps-boxes- per shipping.

    If you would like them out of box, I can send up till 100 amps 10 by 10 in one parcel. Can send remaining boxes folded in another shipping so total would be 2 parcels.
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    If i order 100 can you do a discount on them like your other 100 amp offers? I know you wouldn't be able to price them like belcos or iran hormone, just wondering if there is any room. I was planning on picking up 100 belco, as well.
  15. Unfortunately its not possible to make additional discount for Aspen Sustanon-Its already on discount-. Please keep in mind that for additional box shipping, there will also be an additional shipping price.

    BTW I get the question a lot, Aspen Sustanon is produced in Netherlands OSS factory which was sold to Aspen by Organon-Merck-.
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    No problem.
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    Provided by that factory yes, but actually manufactured by ever pharma in Germany. You will see in the pamphlet.
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  18. You are right about that, here I added some photos of latest batches that came by recently, the boxes got even bigger so I dont think I will send any amps in boxes or boxes seperately. 10 amps used to fit in old boxes, these can hold like 15 amps in one amp box.

    20200219_093523.jpg 20200219_093604.jpg 20200219_093426.jpg 20200219_093444.jpg
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  19. Here also it is visible in second photo on the right that 250 mg of sustanon is equal to 176 mg free testosterone without the ester weight.
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