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  1. Yes.
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    Which one? I don't trust this rox pharma turi too much :(
  3. I got Balkan but not many. How many do you need?? You can send me a PM.
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  4. Shipping info page update, EMS is active again, 45 usd per order, private courier went up to 70 usd per order-costed more than what I charged before-. Please dont forget to read all page in detail before making your payment for any order. We have one reship guarantee for all shiping methods and countries but we dont have reship guarantee for Australia and Canada. -Canada has pretty high success rate with private couier, Australian customs is like hell on earth, fck Australian customs they do their job pretty good :)

    Here is the copy-paste:

    - Regular Airmail - 25 $ / 5-30 day delivery time. Signature may or may not be required. TP Domestic Line is delivered in 2-3 days, please choose this method if you are making a TP Domestic Line order.

    -Express Mail Service - 45 $ 5-10 day delivery time. Signature may or may not be required.

    -Free Shipping with regular airmail (will be available for orders above 500 $ only) / 5-30 day delivery time. Signature may or may not be required.

    -Private Courier - 70 $ expedited shipping, 2-5 day delivery time depending on country and courier (Shipping will be sent with one of these listed: DHL-Fedex-Aramex-UPS) All reship guarantees are valid for this shipping method too. Signature may or may not be required. (*** this shipping method may or may not be available, when its overloaded, sometimes we turn this shipping method off temporarily)

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    Hey TP is there a difference between dyazide and hctz
  6. Hi Bonacris, they are two different types of diuretics, that are comined togather to minimize side effects and maximize blood pressure lowering and diuretic effects. I am no expert about the topic but they are basicly like an ECA stack we use in bodybuilding.

    Here this medicine is the optimal dose combination of two:
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  7. Except it doesn't contain any E C or A and is used for a completely different purpose.

    You're right though. You're no expert on this topic. :D:p (Just messin'. Neither am i.)
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    Can you get that for me?
  9. Yeah, its in system but I am not sure if its available in pharmacy depots right now-I never sold it before-. Will ask and get back to you thru email.
  10. Its like a pre-designed diuretic similar to ECA stack, and its unrelated to ECA stack, please dont use it for fat burning purposes because of my insufficient English grammar lol :)
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  11. Aburaihan Test e back in stock, new batches 2024 exp:

    100 amp Aburaihan offer:
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  12. Newcomer, Caspian Tamin Nandrodec 25mg

    20200226_175501 (1).jpg 20200227_114652.jpg 20200227_114730.jpg
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    I was looking for a new source for tiromel/bitiron as my old sources didn’t have it in stock and I don’t trust the China stuff I have (I don’t believe it is dosed accurately). So I stumbled upon Turkish Pharmacy on google and saw they are well known on here ... placed an order ... literally the best customer service, insanely fast arrival of TWO days (I I opted for the 2-5 business day currier shipping), AND the product and couple freebies tossed in ... just very much impressed. They’ll be my go to for now on.
    Only difference between the two is dyazide has an added potassium sparring aspect to it, hctz does not. Dyazide would be my recommendation if you can get it, but a lot of us just use hctz. 12.5mg day before a show and MAYBE 12.5 morning of a show is more than enough. Too much and you’ll just end up flat as hell.
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    I think he meant the combination of different drugs makes them more affective
  15. As its injection, has 2-3 usd ampoule retail price for 50 mg amp and also as its a stimulant, I have taken Osel ephedrine out of list when I ran out of stock. Will not restock it. I had some questions about it, so I wanted to write it down here. Thanks for understanding :)
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    Products shipped in original
  17. Depends on product, most are sent in original packaging.
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    I wondering about iran Anadrol and iran test enanthate. Is it come in all box and everything?
  19. Yes they both do.
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    How can u buy Iranian pharma drugs like Aburaihan, Anadrol, Alhavi etc cuz this country is under embargo they cant export anything, no way to buy anything from Iran.
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