What Are You Training Today?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Oregonstrong, Jan 24, 2015.


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    Hey I like your style brother
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  2. rigs03

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    I like your moves.

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    Haha, classic brother!
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Legs tonight as I had to skip the gym last night due to feeling rather poorly not to mention getting a lot of rain.

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    Rain? Don't let that hold you back mindless! Shoot I live in the PNW where it rains about 80% of the time!
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  6. ...no comment (#@&*%!!)
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  7. MindlessWork

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    Right but I was coming down with a cold. Today I feel a bit better after some sleep.
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  8. coffeesudoku

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    Leg Day!!! A lot of great workouts here
  9. rigs03

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    ^ I miss og strongs workout write ups
  10. DonQKong

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    Been at smaller Commercial gym the last days, came home to the mancave this morning. Bench and dips. You'd like to think that 5 months after my cycle, 1 month after xmas training interruption and With two weeks on DNP, that I would be excited just to hit my previous PR.

    Not me - PRed on 5by5 with two reps ! That's what I'm always saying, vitamin beer helps those early morning sessions in the gym

    Love it, will go out and rip the rest of the day another brown one, Yeah !

    I'll be repping 220 shortly - anyone out there stronger than me? o_O

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  11. rigs03

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    Saturday night back session. Just ate my preworkout wheaties (dbol and oats). Time to get WIDE.

    Throwing on the straps tonight and going extra heavy. Lots and lots of rows.
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  12. turcao

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    Squats, Dips, Rows
  13. My chest and I feel like a pussy today. I started with inline bench and went wide wide wide grip and got up 235. Then could only bench 225 flat bc my chest was burning, pussy!!
  14. Bumping this thread.

    Tuesday night session:

    Incline Barbell Bench 230lb 3x5
    Romanian Deadlift 345lb 3x5
    Weighted Pull-ups 60lb @ 213.6lb bodyweight 3x5
    Single Leg. Leg Curls 50lb 3x10
    Seated Row 240lbs 3x10
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise 40lb 3x25
    Triceps Pressdown 115lbs 3x15
    Lying Cable Curl 90lb 3x20

    And some calf work - standing calf raises using holds on each repetition and getting a full stretch on the eccentric. Did around 5 sets of these, don't remember reps per set since it varied a lot (short rest period).
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  15. sin

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    Back and arms today

    Weighted pull UPS 3 sets at 80% 1rm, 3 sets at 70% 1rm

    T bar rows 3 sets at 75% 1rm

    Dumbbell skullcrushers 4 sets at 70% 1rm

    Dumbbell curls 4 sets at 70% 1rm

    Face pulls 3 sets at 70% 1rm
    Shrugs 3 sets at 70%

    Tricep push downs 3 sets at 70%
    Ez bar reverse grip curls 3 sets at 70%

    All sets are performed to form failure, where I could get more reps in but not without some breakdown in form.
  16. jaymaximus

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    Squats (Again)

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  17. devildog93

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    squats. Changing programs to wendler 5/3/1. Today was 3s. 545 x 5. Going to try 575 next week and see what we can do there. I may be setting the bar a bit low, but better safe than sorry.
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  18. dnoyez

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    I will be running 5/3/1 in about 4-5 months when im done with the bodybuilding phase this year.Good simple routine.

    So today its abs.
  19. sin

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    Leg day

    High bar squats 3 sets at 80%, 3 sets at 70% 1rm

    Stiff leg deads 3 sets at 70% 1rm

    Calf raises 3 sets of 25 reps
    Ham curls 3 sets at 65% 1rm

    Leg extensions 3 sets at 65%

    Lunges 4 sets at 70%

    Calf raises 3 sets of 15
  20. CAswole

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    Back today,
    Snatch grip deadlifts x 5
    Weighted chin ups x 4
    Dumbbell rows x 4
    Close grip pulldowns x 4
    Shrugs x 4