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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pumpingiron22, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Tinytim

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    So goto er, whiplash, fracture to ulna in forearm blown disc in back L4 L5. Im out of pocket. Lets see if that duck takes care of ne. Missed three days work. Aflac.
  2. Sp2.0

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    Punk ass mass shooting cowards
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  3. T-Bagger

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    Those people need vaporized.
  4. T-Bagger

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    So you do or don’t have their info?
  5. Tinytim

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    Still waiting on police report, no i dont have their info yet, although they abandoned the car so tag,registration,owner should be easy to figure out.
    Work is being helpful, accommodating my limits, and appts.feels like i fell off a roof, i hurt so friggin bad.
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    Boils my blood too. Always the Fucking nerd lookin Motherfuckers that used to pick their nose and eat it in school like nobody noticed. Fucking warcraft playing trench coat wearing not showering no gains skinny fat fucks.
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    Hope it wasn’t a stolen car
  8. DrinkFlintWater

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    I have a gambling problem. Im addicted to blackjack. I'm down a few thousand in 3 weeks. Fuck.
  9. Tinytim

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    Im thinking probably wad... Dammit, should know today.
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  10. Tinytim

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    They always get me on cruise ships, win a couple right off the start, then bam, im broke. We all have a system, i dont see how i could lose......
  11. Cityofgrit

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    The dickhead that sits on a piece of equipment for an HOUR at the gym. The guy plays on his phone between sets.
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  12. Michael Scally MD

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    Today’s just one of those days in which people are making me so mad that I’m having to organize my Tupperware cupboard to avoid possible manslaughter.

    Protip: do not discuss your inclinations towards homicide in advance if you want it to remain manslaughter.

  13. Paying to trim tree for neighbor up the fence line cause he said my tree was ruining his stuff in process wives garden gets destroyed then the fuckers put place up forsale but not before complaining my leaves fell in his eaves trough, his entire yard is surrounded by trees and in 4 years has never cleaned his trough And had maple and all kind of other trees growing in them [ my tree is black walnut ]Part 1 .

    Part 2 Wife pissed at me for agreeing to trim tree and her stuff getting fucked up When she told guy our stuff was wrecked he just says oh ya Now everyone is pissed off
  14. johntt44

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    Riding my bicycle by the beach, listening to music(which I never do). No traffic anywhere near me. All of a sudden a caddy SUV flies by and honks. I pull out my earbud and hear "fuck you!". I tell guy to fuck off and he backs up next to me with window down yelling obscenities. Hes about 55(I'm 50)with a loudmouth New York accent. I call him an old fuck and he gets out of his car. I'm straddling my bike still as he walks over and he shoves me! I dont budge so he goes to do it again and I grabbed his fingers and twist his hand 180. He about drops to the ground. I let go and he gets in his car . He calls me tough guy and I said no, I'm a nice guy because if your wife wasnt here you'd be laying in a puddle of your blood right fucking now! He drives off. For a second after I twisted his hand I thought about hammerfisting the side of his head. I felt bad for his wife and it made me feel like an asshole.
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  15. Sdryx

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    I’m on a gram of tren and my girlfriend STILL has a higher sex drive than me...

    After rage fucking her 4 times a day she still asks for more like I didn’t even phase her. She’s not without looks either. Abs year round with the best ass I’ve ever seen in my life.

    For the first time in my life, I feel sexually inferior to a woman. I’ve lost intense horniness all together. She makes fun of me for turning down sex because I’m tired... :confused:
  16. IncorrectName

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    When someone doesn't reply to the texts you've sent. We were talking about something, I shared four small paragraphs, show some fucking manners and respond.
  17. My fiancé and I were driving home on the highway from picking up her daughter and some dickhead was swerving a lot. I pulled up beside him and the mother fucker is FaceTiming while driving 65 mph. A few miles ahead, there’s a traffic due to the highway going through a town. As soon as I stopped, I got out, walked up to the car, and told him to get off his phone while driving ( I was stern, but not screaming or anything like that. People tend to be more receptive when they’re not being screamed at). He laughed and just waived me off without so much as making eye contact. I got back in the car, and as we started driving, he brake checked me. I pulled off to the side of the road for a couple of minutes because I knew if I saw him pull in somewhere, I was going to follow him and that wouldn’t have ended well.

    I get it, some people fuck with their phones while driving. Hell, I switch songs while I’m driving and I’ll send texts when I’m stopped at a red light. But to put my fiancé and her daughters life on the line because you’re FaceTiming is infuriating.
  18. DrinkFlintWater

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    Just browsed some threads on here....im clearly out of the loop but What in the fuck is going with this place?
  19. Millard Baker

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    Extortionist(s) has hacked several source websites over the past several months.

    Extortionist(s) has threatened to publicly release customer details if sources do not pay (monthly) fee in the 1000s.

    Most sources pay. Extortionist(s) keeps word and does not release data.

    This has quietly been going on behind the scenes for a very long time.

    Now everyone knows about it.

    It became public shortly after @purplepandalabs and @DragonOrdnance refused to or stopped paying monthly fee.

    Extortionist(s) applied pressure to pay by (1) releasing customer data, (2) hacking customers who shared login credentials with email accounts and forum accounts, (3) threatening to expose customer criminal activity if customers do not pay fee, (4) hijacking MESO member accounts using shared login data to prove they have compromised source customer accounts.

    In addition, extortionist(s) have threatened to shut down source websites by reporting them to (1) web hosts (2) cloudflare, (3) registrars, (4) ICANN unless forum owners pay (monthly) fee.

    Some sites have but shutdown. Some sites have paid. Some have not.

    Now, the extortionist(s) have moved on to threatening steroid-related forums...

    This pisses me off.
  20. DrinkFlintWater

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    Appreciate this info, Millard.