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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pumpingiron22, Feb 21, 2014.

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    Thanks bro. Just feels shitty cuz he wasn’t ready to go. That what fkd me up. But I feel you brother. Take car off you pitty they are amazing amazing dogs. People that don’t like them just don’t understand them n won’t even give em a try. Sad. Cuz I guarantee they would end up loving them
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    Everyone talks abt younger girls but 90% of the females in the 20-30yr old age bracket look, dress, and act like shitbags and it pisses me off.

    No, it's not just because I'm getting older either, this generation of chicks are FUCKING SLOBS!! They have no sense of dress, they don't smell like women, fuck they don't even act feminine anymore!

    Not every chick deserves to wear some of the clothes they all wear either. I see these fat bitches with these pale white ham hock legs in the gym wearing skimpy shit and I'm thinking "bitch, you have 50lbs to lose before you even need to THINK abt wearing that shit!! " Their clothes look like fucking rags!!

    I see these fat bitches walk past mirrors in the gym and stare at themselves like they thibk they're something special. I see bitches doing sets and rather than looking forward they turn their heads to look at themselves in the mirror throughout the entire set.

    These bitches need a reality check, they look like ass in 2019!! Give me a cougar that acts like a lady over these disgusting young bitches now. And you know they don't know how to bath and take care of their snatch anymore !! Fucking scum!!
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    100 bro, one f’ing hundred.
  4. Some of us prefer the curvy type over the masculine overly ripped/buff women. Give me them thick thighs and phat ass over shredded abs any day. Saw what I thought was an Indian chick but actually Latina at the gym that had the phat ass and thighs like that Latina pornstar, gonna bring her home and bury my face in her ass..

    And re the stench, maybe they got tired of dudes that can’t wash the cheese out their cocks and the shat out their buttholes so they just gave up lol. Back when I messed around with hookers I’d find them off a hooker board and you won’t believe how many complaints there are of stinky cocks lol, some of the most entertaining threads.
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    Oh man, coming from a hooked board I bet anything is a bonus for you huh? Hahha, hey to each their own though
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  6. Meh I have no shame admitting I’ve hired a couple hookers on occasion in the past when I was either too lazy to go out or it was too late..sometimes you want to do a porn scene kinda thing immediately with a hottie, plus it feels dirtier lol and no awkwardness at the end, been a long time tho. Seriously tho curvy with phat ass is my fave
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    I did it once, worst experience of my life. It's a long story, one day I'll share it
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    I remember
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  9. lol I’ve read a lot of entertaining horror stories, everything from a pimp robbing guys, dudes loaning hookers $ and never getting it back, stank pussy, stank dick, girls busting out drugs, guys falling in love etc etc..I still go to that board just for the entertainment
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  10. Good lookin bulldog, when/if you're ever ready...i'd love to help you find another, good blood around NC
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    That day is today lol
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    Did I share it before? Good looking out
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    What’s been pissing me off lately is that god damn Kraft mac and cheese commercial using the Enya song Only Time. To me that song will always be linked to 9-11. I was always under the impression that it was the “unofficial “ song of 9-11. Now it shows up in a stupid ass commercial. Just me hearing that song brings me back to that event, i was not at ground zero but lost 3 friends, 2 were building engineers snd one was a firefighter. That’s what goes on in my head, going back to that time, when I hear that song. Now I guess maby they figure people have forgotten things like that, not what happened but things like the song. Sorry, just had to rant about it a little.
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    Cheap fucks piss me off. I'm talking abt that cheapass guy who cannot shut up about saving money on every tiny thing and never thinks about how he can actually get ahead to live a better quality of life!

    I'm not talking abt someone who is just smart with their money here, I'm talking about someone who is OCD abt every penny and then they get mad when life bites them in the ass from time to time because they're cheap fucks with bum mentalities!!
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    I'll tell u what pisses me off, it's when I drop a brand new vial of primo on the fucking floor and it breaks open!!

    Still had the cap on it too, I must have yelled out "fuck!!" Over 20x.....
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  16. Wife rushes you and you zip your dick skin in zipper ...Then have the awful situation of unzipping the thing outta there and some how got zipper all the way up just like something about Mary movie but no nuttz in the zipper.Come on its happened to us all ......
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    When I was 16, I would go commando. I had a gf at the time and I was trying to get some roadhead so I zipped it down. She wasnt feeling it at the moment, so playfully I zipped up in an aggressive manner. Got my dick lips stuck in the zipper. She laughed for a long ass time on that. Been wearing boxer briefs ever since Lmao.
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    The last time that happened to me I was about 5 years old wearing one of those onesie pajama outfits. My dick got pinched and stuck in my zipper and my mom had to help me get it out. I remember that shit to this day!! Dark green onesie pajamas with white foot pads. Fucking hideous

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    Like this???

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    Damn bro
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