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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pumpingiron22, Feb 21, 2014.

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    What pisses me off is when I do an hour of cardio becaise I'm watching an episode of breaking bad, then I come home and I'm so damn hungry I give in and eat 3/4 of a jar of natural peanut butter, then I shit like 7x in one night from being a fucking moron!
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    What pisses me off. Fkn people drive 85-90mph on the interstate ok cool whatever. Then get behind those same fks on a side road and they’ll do 30 in a 45:mad: WTF!!!!!! I just want to smash there fkn car with my truck!

    Also people that refuse to turn right on red when clear. Noooo fucking sit there and wait for a green light.
  6. That’s literally the best time to eat while driving though, when you can turn right on red, the guy behind will just assume there’s no opening, meanwhile I’m stuffing my face like a degenerate pig-bastard and no ones the wiser.
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    So on my street some one lost a large yeti cup on the side of the road.
    I asked my son to go with me to get it, he reached out the door and grabbed it.
    The contents spilled on him a bit, and he said hey man someone pooped in this cup.
    Then I realized he was not kidding because the car smelled so fowl.

    Who poops in a yeti cup.and throws it out the window... better yet who stops to pick up random yeti cup.

    He threw it out the window and some spilled in my car, it smells so bad
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    Florida man
    Its always...FLORIDA MAN
    You played the florida man game yet?
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    So pissed... that new car smell has been replaced with liquid dookie
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    Holy fuck this has me laughing right now..
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  11. HAHAHAHA Thats Not J-E-L-L=O pudding in that Yeti cup

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    Trying to grab 6 items at a walmart supercenter on a Sunday afternoon before a holiday week. I mean....ahhhhhh whatever.
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    Losing a lb on the scale whenever I used to run something like tren on a bulk. Usually put a whole in my bathroom door
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    I don't know which is worse, the story or the fact that it was a yeti cup! What kind of desperate bastard uses his yeti cup to dispose of shit?
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    Fuck yeti bunch of anti second amendment assholes. Maybe that's why dude shit in it and through it on the side of the road
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  16. Hello and happy Friday. What pisses me off today?

    When people say "appreciate you". No, you don't, and you sound stupid saying it. Take your gay, wannabe cool alternative to saying "thank you" back to the ghetto where it came from.

    When people call a needle/syringe used for AAS a "rig". Easy there Mr. Brownstone. We're doing intramuscular injections of hormones, not some stepped on street trash you melt down on a spoon and inject intravenously.

    Humidity. Need i go into detail about how it feels as if mother nature is violating me when i walk out the door and become enveloped in hot, moist air? Guess i did go into detail... Moving on...

    People that talk like they have a mouth full of cock, then when you say "what was that" they make no effort to speak any more clearer than they did the first time.

    That's all for now. It's early yet, so i'm sure i'll be back.
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    So speaking of poop in cars. A bunch of my friends and I were drinking when I was younger. One if the girls got so shit faced she threw up on all her clothes. It was BAD so the other girls basically took off all her clothes and I lent her one of my tshirts to cover up.
    Anyways she was so trashed they just threw her in my friends car to take her home butt ass naked besides my tshirt.
    She ended up BARE ASS shitting herself all over my friends car.
    Like EVERYWHERE, it was fucking explosive. All over the back seats and on the back of the front two seats.

    It was so bad she spent like 5 minutes cleaning it, put a for sale sign on it and sold the car.
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    What pisses me off...Doing a brake job on my daughter's 2012 Nissan, only to find out this thing still has drum brakes on rear..lol..Wtf!! I don't think I've fucked with those in 20 years...hate those fuckin things
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    So, few days ago im on my way to Dr. Apt. Over the bridge im in far left lane, making my turn to left and out of no where. A car flies past me 80+ sideswiping me, bouncing off road off a tree,hits a building. Back on road flippping,ending up on its side. 2 jits get out and run. My car is fucked, and i dont have there insurance info yet. Have to wait for police report. My whole left side bounced off inside my car. I hurt like a mofo. If i could catch those kidss...
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    When people say "appreciate you". No, you don't, and you sound stupid saying it. Take your gay, wannabe cool alternative to saying "thank you" back to the ghetto where it came from.

    Naw that ain't how they say it....
    The say preciate you, yeah that pisses me off too.
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