Worf's 1st meet log

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Worf, Aug 22, 2019.

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    One thing at a time, I still need plates, lol
    Mostly just extra meat, it’s a freezer. I’m not a big drinker
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    Gym equipment sales must be booming right now.
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    Bet you got it jam packed in case you get locked down because of that damned virus floating around.
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    Guy at TSS said he’s never been so busy the whole time they’ve been open.

    I’m not extremely worried about the virus. It is spreading fast and the numbers are growing but I don’t see it killing more people than Pneumonia. China had the highest rate of infected and it was only 2-300k of a billion people and 1-2% of that died. Still not a good thing. A lot of people’s parents and grandparents are being affected by this. Just that everything is closing and people are acting like idiots.
  6. It's such a piss off.

    Some guys were dying me up for my SINGLE pack of toilet paper at the grocery store.

    Like fucking seriously?

    People need to calm down and keep their lives together.
    If we can all remain civilized and help eachother, this will be a lot easier.

    Some guy pulled a gun at Costco the other day around me.

    I've been doing my best to help out around me, like giving out masks/gloves and poly suits (I own a hazmat/infectious control company)

    If everyone stays calm and takes some precautions, we will all be okay when they invent a vaccine
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    Props for your help in this epidemic and you don't need the rudeness in repayment. I agree, wish everyone would chill the fuck down for once.
  8. Weve been working at the local hospital as we are infectious contro specialists.

    Shit is getting pretty real lol.

    You cant tell me, if you saw an 85 year old woman visiting her husband in the hospital... walking aroundnwithiut a mask.. you wouldnt give her one lol?

    Gotta do what we can and stay positive.
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    Much respect for what you are doing.
  10. Honestly
    I'm safer than most
    I'm lucky to have all the high speed kit before shit went down.

    I wear a helmet PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) With p100L filters.
    You could cough on me as much as you want, ain't gonna hurt me.
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    Bet most of that equipment you have now is harder to find due to this crisis.
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    Today’s Training

    BW/ Bar exercises

    Jumping jacks 2x30
    Air squats 3x25

    Barbell curls
    45lb 4x20

    Strict Press
    45 lb 4x25

    Comp Squats
    45lb 3x30

    feet supported crunches 3x30

    Jm Press
    45lb 3x30

    Barbell Good Mornings
    45lb 3x25

    Comp Bench
    45lb 3x40

    My Texas DL bar shipped, so should have that in a few days. Been trying to find plates and just been coming up empty everywhere. All the sporting goods stores are out, Craig’s list/offer up/ facebook market are all dry. Even went to a metal recycler. They had a single 45 and a bunch of rando 1” plates so that was a waste. Play it again sports says they’re getting a pallet at the end of the week. Hopefully I can get some before they are all gone. I ordered some off rouge on Saturday but based on the announcements on their page I’d be surprised if I get them anytime soon or that they even had em and didn’t over sell and have to get me a refund.
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    Yup the one store here told me 2 day sales over 100k
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  14. Hope you can get those plates from Play it again.

    You've put so much time in and hit some new PRs
    I want to see that growth continue.
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  15. Worf

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    Today’s Training
    DE lower

    Speed Squats w/ bands
    135+80lb bandsx5
    185+80lb bandsx3
    225+80lb bands x2
    275+80lb bands 6x2

    Snatch Grip RDLS
    225x6, 275 4x6

    Dbell Bulgarian Split squats
    37.5’s 4x8

    My Texas deadlift bar From Capps showed up today. took it and the deadlift jack over to a friends house. He was able to get about 500lb of plates a comp rack and some bands on loan from the gym. His roommate has some loadable dbells. He got some horse trailer mats to put down for deadlifts. Had a decent speed workout. Not training for the last week kinda showed, I’m wiped. Good to be back into some iron though and not fucking with the bw stuff. A bit limited but life goes on.
  16. Nice
    500lbs will do the trick
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  17. Worf

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    Today’s Training
    DE Upper

    SPEED Bench with bands
    155+80lb 8x2

    Close grip BP
    Middle Finger on smooth 185lb 2x10
    Thumb on the smooth 185lb 2x10

    Bent over one arm rows
    80 lb 4x10

    Standing Dbell shoulder press
    37.5lb 3x15

    Banded upper back rows
    Green Band Doubled over 3x15

    Decent workout, training at my friends house with him and another guy. So three of us total. Worked pretty got for speed work. Was a little awkward for the accessories because we were crammed in this guys living room. Just happy to get a decent workout
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    I know times are hard bro, but G4P should be a last resort. Lmao.
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    Sad part is there was no pay! I’m just whoring myself out so I can lift
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    Whatever it takes. Remember it's only gay if you enjoy it.
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