Worf's 1st meet log

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Worf, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Worf

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    Oh, I thought it wasn’t gay if it feels natural
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    Wait...I thought it was only gay if you make eye contact?? You mean I’ve been gay this entire time?!
  3. Worf

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    It’s not gay if it feels good
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    I heard your only gay if you liked it
  5. Worf

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    Todays Training

    ME Upper

    comp Squats (sleeves)
    225x3, 275x3
    375 2x2

    Sumo Deadlift
    225x5, 315x5
    365 2x5

    Barbell hip thrusts
    175 2x10

    Band Thigh Masters
    Double Orange Bands 2x40

    Single Leg unilateral RDLS
    20lb kettle bell 3x10

    Seated Hamstring Curls
    Red band 3x25
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  6. Worf

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    Today’s Training
    ME upper

    1 board Bench Wide Grip
    275 2x2
    275x5 AMRAP

    JM Press Straight Bar
    115 3x10

    Concentration Curls
    25lb Dbell 3x12

    Rear Delt Flyes
    10lb plate 3x20

    Tricep Press Downs
    Green monster mini double over 4x20

    Still gettin it. The combo rack at my friends house is a fucking life saver.
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  7. Worf

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    Today’s Training
    DE Lower

    Speed Deadlift w/chains Conventional
    225+60lb chains
    315+60lb chains
    365+60 lb chains 6x3

    Front squats
    185 4x6

    Dbell SLDL
    60’s 3x15

    Nothing fancy, a little fatigued and limited on equipment but still gettin after it.
  8. Btcowboy

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    I aint done shit, got to get my mojo and at least work on the cardio.... depressed without lifting
  9. NovaFlex

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    Fuck. I’m jealous at this point, lol. At least I’m getting some light hypertrophy and conditioning.
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  10. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Haven’t you guys seen the stupid shit people are lifting at their house on Instagram?

    Hell, do the jail cell exercises. Get really good at pushups and the explosive clapping pushups. A chin-up bar could be anything anywhere. Put the ol lady on your back and do squats. Go around the neighborhood and deadlift your neighbor’s Hondas and Camrys when they’re asleep.

    If that don’t get you watch Rocky 4 and copy Rock’s Russian farm workouts.

    Now I gotta excuse myself, I have to get out to the garage and lift some weights.
  11. Btcowboy

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    Ordering a full set up tomorrow. 4 to 6 week delivery though. Cardio and conditioning until then drop the fat and then get back at it
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  12. NovaFlex

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    Dick. Lmao.

    I’ve got a welfare Walmart bench that I bought like 10 years ago lol. And some DB’s and conditioning stuff... I’m not without, just without what I’d like to be using.
  13. Worf

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    Got some safety arm attachments for my squat rack, go a use them for rack pulls, shrugs and rows type stuff. Had to use a grinder to reduce the pin size but the channel fit my rack just right. I got a sled today. Home gym is comin along nicely. Got some j cups comin that should fit my rack, have to resize the pins but it’s pretty easy with a grinder. Got an adjustable box and some straps to hang chains off the bar coming from Elitefts. Probably order a few more bars after I get the plates. Plates are supposed to be here By Friday but it looks like they only shipped half the order.
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  14. Worf

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    Perfect time to cut bw , kinda shity about the circumstances. That’s what I was gonna do if my friends hadn’t got the comp rack I’d probably be running and doing low carb or something and hating my life.
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  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    That sounds great. You’re going to love the flexibility that comes with a home setup. But you’re trading off the motivation that comes with training at the gym. If you’re self-driven it won’t make a difference. It’s nice having your own space.
  16. Btcowboy

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    Actually once ordered its motivation to cut hard until the equipment shows up. That way when its here I can eat and get stronger instead of slogging through
  17. NovaFlex

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    The whole motivation thing was my initial concern personally, but I always train alone and don’t talk to people anyway... so WTH.
  18. Worf

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    That is true, but from the looks of it I’m gonna be with a group of about 3-4 so if these guys don’t fuck around too much it should be able to push each other through decent workouts.
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  19. Worf

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    Today’s Training
    DE Upper

    Close grip Bench W/ chains
    135+50lb chains x3
    185+50lb chains 6x3

    Seated Ohp (fast)
    95lb 4x15

    BBell Bent Row 45* angle
    135 3x12

    ROLLING Tricep Extension dbells
    25’s 3x15

    Left Bicep not feeling so hot, had to put in a heavy motor today at work In the rain. Arms a little beat up from that. Training is going decent. Got a decent group to workout with. I have a lot of stuff comin in the next few weeks for my garage gym but in the mean time Im thankful to be training at my friends house
  20. NovaFlex

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    I’ve tried to figure this out, and none of the explanations I’ve seen hve really helped...What do chains do that bands don’t? I wanna purchase some, but I wanna use them correctly.

    do they add more of a “bar weight” feel at the top, rather than a “banded” feel? That’s the only thing I can really think of.