Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC) - USA Domestic

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  1. Omegistosalex

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    so apparently the oil can be whatever, maybe olive oil then? I look forward to get that meditteranean body
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    You're close to getting an honorable mention in the worst source rollout thread. You're definitely a shitty reseller when you were unable to answer such a basic question as type of carrier oil.

    Fail on so many levels.
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  3. Omegistosalex

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    Oh I think he is trying to get there as a late admission, this is why he is doing his best
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  4. ProfessorX

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    I’ve used this brands Test P

    Pinned well through insulin syringe (very thin)

    Looks like tea seed oil has Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory properties

    Was making sure there weren’t any harsh solvents/super solvents

    Test P pic posted shows B.B./BA/oil only

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  5. Den84

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    Only test p you tried of this brand ? Any feed on others molecules ? Neve tried their orals ?
  6. ProfessorX

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    Female friend did the Primo Acetate tablets. She was happy with the product

    I’d like to try tren and Mast.... I really like how this product pinned trough insulin pins....very thin oil....smooth/pain free pinning
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  7. I've used this brand from drugs gear.
    It was pretty good shit. It tested positive for the active ingredient via Roidtest. And it gave me great results and the expected sides.
    Now I no longer buy from drugs gear cuz I have a much more reasonably priced domestic private source.
    But I may buy a lil zphc if they do better on their prices

    With the prices as they stand id rather buy from drugs gear. Since I know them and trust them

    I'd luv to try these guys out but ir doesn't make sense to do so financially.

    U guys should really reconsider ur approach
    We have proven domestic resellers selling the same product at the same price

    Why buy from u?
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  8. Omegistosalex

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    well if the gear is indeed good and he sells for half the price then 25$ per vial for test e is something I would consider, but I will stay put to see more info on them
  9. ZPHC_Domestic

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    Have you compared the prices on identical products from us and other sellers though? As monobrand shop we make sure that our prices are lower than those you can get from widerange sellers, for example, test p vial costs $40 in our shop, but $60 on drugsgear. Same goes for test e vial, 55 vs 70 and so on.
    As newbies on the market, we have already implemented some discounts so people can give it a honest test for even lower price.
  10. eje1990

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    That's where I got that Dbol. As well as several others who had that same bullshit batch number and sent me a pm after I came out with it.

    Then I did a little digging and that same batch number has caused issues since 2016.
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  11. Den84

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    interesting their carrier oil, never heard of tea seed oil in the preparation of steroids. seems something revolutionary.
  12. janoshik

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    Tea seed oil is not tea tree oil, beware.

    It's tea tree oil that is antimicrobial and antiseptic, while tea seed oil has no such properties.

    Tea seed oil is suitable for use as depicted here.

    Using tea tree oil, however, would cripple anybody who would attempt that and provide a guaranteed trip to ER.
  13. ProfessorX

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    Camellia Oil ( Tea Seed Oil ) - Uses, Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts


    Camellia oil exerts many therapeutic properties. They have healing and nutritional power, making them fit for use even in medicinal formulations

    I gues it wasn’t specific maybe?

    • Camellia sinensis oil – This is the tea seed oil.
    • Camellia japonica oil – Also known as Japanese tea oil. However, this plant does not produce tea leaves. It is a flowering plant with red blooms. Its oil is known as tsubaki oil and it is used heavily in cosmetic applications.
    • Camellia oleifera oil – This is known as tea oil or Camellia oil.

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  14. ProfessorX

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    Had you tested this brand?
    Would like to know if anyone sent in that specific batch of DBol

  15. janoshik

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    Oh, my apologies, I though that by mentioning antimicrobial and antiinflamatory properties you had tea tree oil in mind, which is notable for those.


    It is written, in the article you have quoted that tea seed oil has those properties, however, still, I don't think it is anymore antimicrobial or antiinflammatory than any other oil used.

    Quotes on the antimicrobial activity in that article are either bad interpretation or leading to no source of info to be found.
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  16. janoshik

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    No, not that I'm aware of. Not a mention of the brand in my database.
  17. ProfessorX

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    So it’s maybe more like a MCT (Viscosity)
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  18. janoshik

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    And now that I look into it, even though my feedback is unwelcome by some, the raw data posted contain obviously fake information.
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  19. ProfessorX

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    Hmmm.....you referring to the China Assay Report this reseller posted?

    That could explain why there was potential issues with the DBOL :)

    There was some SIMEC reports posted awhile back, plus....

    A big manufacturer/source with lots of products tested on AnabolicLab seemed to “approve” of this brand (packaging is very similar).....I assumed it was same China factory

    This was some time ago tho

    And...I’m not “approving” this source, etc

    Only giving my opinion on the product I used.....I liked it....I’d try it again.....US Domestic is a plus also

    Appreciate your feedback
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  20. janoshik

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    I refer to these:

    Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC) - USA Domestic

    tren E is the most obvious.

    I'm not saying anything except what I stated in my post.
    For all know they can make the most accurate dosed gear in the world.
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