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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ZPHC_Domestic, Jun 9, 2019.

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    @ZPHC_Domestic that quote is pretty much the rope you're hanging yourself with. Aside from your overall lack of effort your giving your prices are are as high as pcom. Pcom at least has a verifiable track record the stuff you're pedalling is unknown. Not many people care to pay more for fancy labels and unproven gear.

    You're pretty much done before getting started here unless you pull your head out of your fourth point of contact. I'm not optimistic.
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    I second this
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    Lmao, here we go again
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    If I'm not mistaken wasn't drugsgear carrying this brand? It was like $80 for a bottle of test but he's crazy high with all his pricing. Haven't seen this brand pop up in a while.
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    Yeah they did and domestic supply also carried This
  7. He was at one point, I ordered some ZPHC Anadrol

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    I just searched it on a source board. Domestic supply did carry it, not sure if they still do. Saw some feelz reports. Nothing that would make me pull the trigger
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    This was probably one of the worst introductions I’ve ever seen... no Meso with date on any pictures that were uploaded.
    It’s just a good thing that everyone knows if the prices are high then the gear has to be magnificent, right :rolleyes:

    This fuckin sources intro was so bad I wasn’t even gonna post in here, then decided if I did post I couldn’t say this...

    FUCK OFF @ZPHC_Domestic you came in as a weak ass nobody and you will leave as a weak ass nobody! o_O

    These fuckin sources like this come in here and have no fuckin pride in their brand and think we should give a fuck about them?! Mother fuckers want my business they’re gonna have to fuckin work for it!
    Fuck these pathetic fucks! :D
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    As promised, some pictures of what we have in stock.
    As far as I can see, everyone is talking about price and quality. The price is comparetively steep for a reason, it's not easy to get these products from China to the US, especially in such volumes and be sure that it is safe for you and us. Considering we are not some kitchen lab, everything is made with GMP principles in mind, whatever documents we can get from manufactory, we will present. We have some lab tests on hand, but no bloodwork.
    We are ready to cover and compensate the bloodwork and independent lab tests for any customer.

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    Some more testing results

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    Nobody will order with these prices, there are many better brands that are cheaper. Test is dirt cheap so fuck outta here with your excuses. 55$ for test e....
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    Got any comment on Dbol batch#073695???

    And how it was fucking bunk and garbage?

    And how that same batch circulated for a long time?

    Or was that the selective batch?
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    lol so much for the best quality in the market
    so this is a trainwreck, maybe the worst and most pathetic scam attempt ever, and he is not even replying so we can have some fun... :(

    bunk gear at the most expensive price in the market, dude if you sell bunk at least price it low so you can scam some fools that will rush to buy, you shot yourself on the foot, not only are you a scammer but an idiot as well
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    Unfortunately, for this batch, we didn't see any testing results or analyzes of reputable laboratories, for example Simec, as well as no documented evidence that the product isn't working.
    At the moment of occurance, not a single supplier notified the factory about such problems.

    We also offer to analyze the quality of our product at our expense, and offer the credit for the bloodwork, as was said before and a personal discount to anyone willing to through the procedure.
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    Bunk ZPHC Dbol

    Found that after all the bullshit last year looking into it. Got a screenshot from another fourm a member here sent me that had that same batch. Blood work? Hell yeah I got bloods where after adding your Dbol my E2 crashed. Never taken an AI in my life and certainly wasn't then. Not say it was the "Dbol" that did that but that has never happened to me before. And that was the only thing I added to that cycle at the time.

    Who's gonna test Dbol that was circulating since 2016 and still being sold two years later?
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    Sounds like that was adex masquerading as dbol
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    I have had really good results with this brand.
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    I don't quite understand how any of it is a scam, just because you found the prices to be too high, or is it something else that bothers you? Either way, what prices would you find "fair"? In your opinion, is it too high for all of the presented products, or just for the test? The point is, the prices are already lower than all the other domestic zphc suppliers.