2,4-DiNitroPhenol [DNP]

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    Wow....someone likes to use their science book to write. ;) I'll try and keep my explanation down a little closer to those of us that read plain old English.

    Why does DNP work, it basically causes the KATP gateway to stay open, allowing a inefficiency in the formation of ATP (energy packets) and the need for the body to use more fat to produce the same amount of energy. The Antidote (ne: antibody), is actually a proteolytic (sorry...big word) that allows the KATP gateway to be shut....thereby causing DNP to have less effect.

    I like your thoughts Ziggy, but in this case the agent acts a little different than through the binding of antibody to the DNP molecule. Cellular death in this case does not result from a suppression of the immune system (re: T-Cell activity). The antibody is not designed to help the immune system, so therefore there is no need for it to be MHC restricted, and at the required doseage and time frame the half-life is such that the immune system should not immediately respond in a fashion which would reduce it's effectiveness.

    Bottom line: Keep with the required doses and the last two posts become totally irrelevant unless you are an ER doc who is about to $h!t his pants because he has an idiot laying on a table in a pool of sweat.

    As far as "giving it a try", please don't until you read much more research about the drug and the action that it has on a cellular level.

    Hope this helps,

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    Damn.. now I got questions..

    Now after that last post I have questions.... Is it safe or not? Can see the safe dose recommendations and feel that only an idiot would test the limits of those.

    Kemo, what other research would you recommend.

    I am 38, around 200lbs and play competitive racquetball. I need to cut about 15 pounds. Racquetball has aerobic and anaerobic components. I want to drop some excess weight and then get stronger. Any thoughts?

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    another saved post :D

    Thanks for the info
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    As far as DNP being safe or not, it's more or less like asking if steroids, insulin, or diuretics are safe or not. Yes and no. If you use them responsibly and follow the rules, you'll be fine. If you fuck around and do stupid shit like use rec drugs or take too much, then you may have a problem. It's clearly explained at the beginning of the post how much to use and for how long, but to recap you take 200mg the first few days to see how you react, and then you can bump it up to 400mg for about a week at most. After that the fat-loss effect becomes greatly diminished, but you can cycle it like gear (time on=time off) until you get where you want to go.
    Obviously I have a vested interest in saying it's safer than most people think, but I firmly believe insulin and diuretics are FAR more dangerous than DNP, and look at how many people use those. Look at how many pros have DIED from both of those items, but they don't have the same fear factor that DNP seems too. A healthy respect for DNP is good though, because the only time a drug becomes dangerous is when you lose your fear of it and become careless.
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    heretic-what are your thoughts on a week on, week off cycling of DNP? or would 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off be more effective? running a 4day warm up of 200, then 2 days 400, then 600 to see how my tolerance is at that doseage. then if i take a week off would i have to run the same steps? or can i start right at 400? I will most likely use 400 for a while if its effective enough.

    Anyone feel free to leave their opinion on this cycle. thank you.
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    One week would be better than two, like I said after about 9 days it kind of loses it's kick, plus you'll be miserable and want to stop anyway. I'd then take at least a week off, maybe two, to let the water bloat drain out and allow for glycogen supercompensation (anabolic rebound). But damn, when that water comes off and you see the results it's something else. :D
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    Great info...........this should help out allot of bros!
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    PL posted: "but another famous quote is, 'DNP will raise your body temp high enough to kill you!' This also proves that he has never done it because as you will find, your body temp only goes up about one degree. Ok, enough about the fake guru."

    DNP will kill a person if doses are too high, to say differently is not only false but also dangerous to people that read that information. This isnt specifically against PL, but anyone who says that DNP cant be lethal. Whether death occurs from a rise in oral temperature or through some other factor isnt important. Id have to look up and see what the reasoning is.

    Overall, very good info in this thread.
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    thank you very much for the info bros
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    blury, i wouldnt even drink once per week if u r considering the DNP route. dehydration i believe is a major factor in dnp's ability to kill. never done it so stick with info from guys who have
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    blury, ALL you need is diet and cardio bro. trust this. DNP is nothin nice dude.
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    The point of that paragraph wasn't that DNP isn't lethal, it was that DNP does not raise core temperature at normally used doses. Your body will radiate heat like a mofo, but if you actually check your temp it's often times LOWER than 98.6 degrees (normal). It's only if your core temperature rises that you may be in danger of death through overheating. Dehydration would be a more likely reason. It has been argued that the guy from EF was killed not by DNP but by the diuretics he was given by the doctors in order to try and flush the DNP out of his system. Obviously this would dehydrate the body and probably fuck up your potassium levels to the point that it could kill you.
    Never mind the supposed 155 deaths from Ephedrine.....or the number of people that have died from heart attacks while doing cardio. Again, no one is trying to paint the picture that DNP is no big deal or harmless, just use common sense with it.
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    i am not looking to use it any time soon, im still doing more research on it yet. I noticed the warning about not drinking alchol with it when i read over this, i would deffinitly not be drinking at all while on it. Thanks for lookin out for me bros.
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    I think part of the reason for lower temperature readings is from a depressed thyroid.

    Personally, Ill never go above 400mg again and do get results from 200mg. 600mg was way too much for me and I cant even imagine 800+mg.

    If you choose to use, just be very careful!
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    I started a DNP cycle last night at 400mg/day + t3 at 200mcg/day. I'll keep you guys posted on how i get on. Cant feel much yet, slightly warmer than usual.

    Ive used DNP twice in the past and always had great results.
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    t3 @ 200mcg's / day as a starting dose? am i missing something.
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    That is a lot of t3! Why use it anyway?
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    Yeah I thought I was seeing things when I read this also. Hopefully he made amistake and wrote the wrong dosage. From my understanding isnt T3 suppose to be started at 12mcg's/25mcg's ed and worked up slowly from there.
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