2,4-DiNitroPhenol [DNP]

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Heretic, Jan 10, 2004.

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    the dude did say he just started, right? hard to see how his thyroid won't dry up like a sponge. you'll get 10 different answers bro, i'm doing 25mcg's to start, getting up to 100 mcg's at day 20, and tapering to the 30th day..
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    Ive used T3 at 200mcg/day quite a few times over the past 2 years.......I never taper up, but always taper down.

    I know what works for me, and this does.
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    Excellent post; very informative.
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    Their is plenty of good information in this post. Bump for more to read!
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    (should be a sticky though. excellent info.)
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    Originally Posted by Heretic
    A healthy respect for DNP is good though, because the only time a drug becomes dangerous is when you lose your fear of it and become careless.

    Great Posts and a very impotant statement.
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    FearMy6Pak, where's your avatar from ASN? I go over to ASN sometimes just to see it and it just puts a smile on my face :D
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    Thanks -- great info, heretic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    dave UK, which brand of t3 are you using bro?
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    my vote is deffinitly in for this to be a sticky
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    its Ibrahim Tiromel 25mcg from Turkey

    on day 6 of DNP cycle.......10lbs lost so far....
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    Lots of important info in this thread
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    Never done DNP, it sounds pretty intense. What about low doses of DNP? Does that do any good? Say 50 or 100mg?
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    Capsules are commonly found dosed at 200mg, so it would be hard to be exact on getting 50mg or 100mg dosed correctly.

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    This really should be a sticky. Perhaps the reason it's not is because DNP is so controversial or perhaps because I am a source for it and I started the thread. Either way, there is a ton of information in here that answers many of the questions asked by both first-time users and experienced bros alike.
    Guess we'll just have to keep it bumped. :)
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    I was wondering about time cycle 3-4days at 200mg ed than a week (at most) of 400mg(respectively) ed OK ...cLeRks