2,4-DiNitroPhenol [DNP]

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    One of the articles posted earlier in this thread probably covers it. Something about the possibility of it being stored in ovum. Whether its true or not, I would say its best to stay on the safe side. Some guys girlfriends *cough, cough* wont swallow like usual when the guy is on DNP.
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    LMAO! uh ohhhh... He'll be lying in a puddle of sweat anyway...doubt he'll want her to!
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    Quick question. If carb/fats are metabolized for energy rather than ATP, how can active transport continue? Without the breakdown of ATP to ADP+ Phosphate, the sodium/potassium exchanges are halted and osmotic balance cannot continue. Therefore, action potentials cannot be generated correct? I don't see how carb/fats can maintain a liveable homeostasis within our bodies. Am I way off?
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    I think both of those posts are covered in the info posted earlier, I know the post by Animal deals with the question of how energy production can still be continued.
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    FyRchick, actually, they way it works is...the ATPase protein that makes ATP is like a pump that requires a proton gradient to drive itself. For every few protons that are pumped through, ADP and an inorganic phosphate molecule get converted to ATP, which drives bodily processes, homeostasis, etc... the way DNP works is by decreasing the proton gradient, thereby decreasing ATP levels. Obviously your body is going to look for another source of ATP, such as glycolysis, TCA, etc... when glycolysis occurs, stored glycogen/fat is broken down and used as the source of ATP to drive basic life functions. as you probably know, during normal exercise, once your body depletes stored muscle glycogen and starts using glycolysis as its energy source, your body temp goes up, you start to sweat, and you start to breath heavier in order to remove the excess CO2 that is produced as a bi-product of the process...sound familiar? all of the "side effects" of DNP. this is also why some people recommend carb depleting for 2 days before staring a cycle of DNP. by depleting the stored muscle glycogen before the first dose, the DNP can work right away.
    but this is where the danger of DNP use comes from...if enough ATP cannot be produced by the pathways mentioned above, then theoretically your body would run out of ATP, and all bodily functions would cease, i.e. cardiac, brain, lungs, etc... if you do some searching, in studies where rats were overdosed with DNP, rigor mortis set in immediately. Rigor mortis occurs in dead animals when ATP levels are depleted from muscle to the point where the muscle contracts and cannot be relaxed. this makes sense based on the actions of DNP.
    i would never recommend that a female use DNP. DNP gets into every cell in your body, including the ovaries, eggs, testes, and sperm. for males, it's not a big deal b/c we're making a fresh supply every day. for females, however, your egg numbers are set and you're carrying them all with you right now. the risk vs. benefit is not worth it...DNP won't do anything that exercise can't.
    hope this helps.
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    More than you know! Thanks for your thoughts and time on that one...great post.... thanks a ton!!!

    FyrChick :D
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    the one thing i hear nothing about cycling DNP is.......does anybody have a JOB when cycling dnp. i mean i'm not gonna take a weeks vaca just to cycle. so the bros who work and cycle dnp please give me some feedback and how well it goes. thanks
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    I have no luck finding this stuff, any suggestions? I need to lose 25 lbs to get back for summer. cardio,diet alone not doing it.
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    Oral LD50: 600mg/kg
    Recommended dosage: ~1mg/kg

    Oral LD50: 37-50 mg/kg
    Recommended dose on this forum ~7.5mg/kg

    Come to your own conclusions about the safety of this compound.
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    Just curious if those numbers are based on human or rat data.
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    Rat data. Make of that what you will.
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    i had a job and i cycled it during the winter...i still had to air condition blasting:) the co workers were like what the fuck are you doing

    trust me bro....its a burning that youll never forget and possibly wont want to do again
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    I think for me, DNP is safer than ephedra. I'd be dead of a heart attack LOOOOONG before that level of ephedra.
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    Very interested in DNP......any studies on it's effect on high blood pressure? I have HBP due to the extra 30 lbs I'm carrying :) this may help...cardio and diet is cutting it..but hey ...why wait.....any replies would be greatly appresciated....

    BTW, it's not too high....very managable.
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    hey heretic...u got mail bro =)
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    Hey heretic...would u suggesting incorporating a little bit of t3 into a DNP cycle? say 10mcgs or so, to keep T3 levels up while on dnp...since ive heard dnp can drasticallly lower T3 levels? Im on day 2 of dnp right now...200mgs...will increase it tomorrow night and take another cap if i dont feel much during the day..so far no allergic reactions or energy loss, still alot of energy and feel really good...
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    all hail the heretic!!!!!!!!

    Very quick....2 days.......that's unreal...i'll keep a diary for everyone
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    You can supplement with T-3 if you want, but it's not necessary. DNP is so powerful that even with reduced thryoid conversion it will burn fat like crazy. If anything I'd recommend ephedrine just to keep energy levels up and help mobilize the fat into the bloodstream, but that too is not comletely necessary.
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    2 days for me also bro..he is top notch...very discrete all good to go

    im on day 3 now...been taking 200mgs per day....going to take my 2nd cap tonight since i didnt feel much heat at all today and my energy levels were very high, even after 3 days i already feel slightly leaner...will let everyone know how it progresses...so far i like gen. 2 caps =)
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    has anybody had real good results with this stuff? I want to do it but can't afford to be a worthless slug at work.