2017 Year Long Log

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What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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  3. Idk...

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  1. Leancuisine

    Leancuisine Member

    Damn I was hoping it would be more like 3-4 weeks. I appreciate all the kind words.
    lol yeah I'm hoping this next cycle will finally bring some veins into my chest. Ive been lean, but I haven't ever really gotten veins in my chest.

    Definitely will be a whole lot more careful from now on. No more tren. Sticking to dry compounds. Keeping on my bloods and AI.

    Hope to see you around in my next log!!
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  2. Migs123

    Migs123 Junior Member

    50 pulls Up, where you in the Corps? saw that you are a vet if so that shit should come super eZ.
    On your rows do you do them from the ground of hanging? cuz those are some FUCKING BIG ASS NUMBERS :D
    And Following to see your progress! Best of Luck on recovery from the surgery
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  3. Leancuisine

    Leancuisine Member

    I was a bit smarter. Joined the Army :cool:
    Although @gr8whitetrukker might disagree with that...

    I don't let the bar touch the ground when rowing. I bring it up into my belly/waist area, then lower it down past my knees about mid shin, then back up to my belly.
    I'm actually just letting this thread sizzle out. Going to maybe do a lot about my surgery, and then start a log in the steroid cycle log thread to track progress with DHB and hopefully shed some light on the drug.

    I appreciate the well wishes on recovery! Shouldn't be too bad.
  4. Migs123

    Migs123 Junior Member

    Indeed you were smarter The Marines is good and all (Pride):p Couldn't ever see myself in a diff Uniform, but its fuck all for all the shit they put you through even Trukker can probably agree with that.