2020 presidential primaries

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    7 rings baby, only 11 months away
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    He is pretty likable, transparent and down to earth
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    Any one of those 2020 socialist candidates who back the green new deal are not serious candidates. they have no understanding of the economics of the deal and have no business running for president.

    I think the only person who is actually a serious candidate Who can pose a slight threat to Trump is John Delaney.
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    In reality, we need to raise taxes alot, and cut the shit out of spending.
    How is it that a yearly deficit of nearly a trillion dollars is normal for both parties.

    If we cant pay down debt now, when can we do it? Are we pretending to wait until the economy is even better to pay down the debt?
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    Born-Alive Bill Fails to Pass Senate | National Review

    So you want to vote Democrat you say? I'm a very moderate conservative and as someone living in a state like Massachusetts I feel that I am inundated with garbage politics from the left in a constant level. Fear mongering, playing into the hands of the able bodies but weak minded, socialist politics etc are all ramped in these parts. I can handle most of it and never care but this bill not passing is disgusting. You want to vote for a candidate that finds it wrong to save a childs life, even after it's out of the mother and still alive? Because at that point it infringes on the mothers rights? And they say God is a woman? I don't know one man that would approve of killing a living, out of the womb human like this. if God is a woman she is a cruel and vial cunt.
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    Taxes don’t need raised. Money needs to stop being “lost” and we need to stop shipping aid to countries that have no business with our money. The issue with government isn’t level of funding, it’s complete and total misuse of it.
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    agreed. There is plenty of money. Tighten a God damn belt once in a while
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    Here’s why what Trump has done is smart. Regardless of your personal opinion of him, if Obama had done this he’d be Jesus.

    Nobody runs on “reducing the deficit” because not one single American feels that day to day.

    Instead, Trump goes after trade deficits and jobs. Raising the value of American products and bringing jobs back to Americans.

    The the wall/immigration. Caravans arriving at the border only helped America come to terms with it, even though I think the average person believed it necessary. Aimed at a YEARLY reduction of billions in recurring costs and helping prevent money leaving the US without any aid to the economy.

    Then there’s foreign aid. Trump has started laying the groundwork to reduce that substantially.

    Plenty more points to be made along these lines, but the point is, it’s systemic reduction of the deficit. Not the explicit “we need your taxes to cut the debt” because when in the last two decades did that actually come to fruition?
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    Except Trump didn't build a wall, and has now signed an immigration bill that prevents it as well as guarantees vastly more illegal immigration in the future. Maybe his die hard fans will forgive him, but this was a very large portion of his base.

    From Taki..
    "The main promise of Donald Trump’s 2016’s presidential campaign, the gleaming white carnation on his tailored suit—“We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it”—will never come true. On Friday, Trump made sure of it.

    After a belligerent Friday morning press conference in which the president declared a state of emergency in order to allocate funds to build the wall, on Friday afternoon Trump signed an omnibus bill that ensured the wall would never be built. Not only that, the bill ensures the country will be flooded with more illegal aliens than ever.

    Regarding the wall for which Trump had originally demanded $25 billion before backpedaling down to $5.6 billion, the bill doesn’t even deliver what the Democrats had agreed to, which was a puny $1.6 billion. It only allocates $1.375 billion—enough to build about 55 miles of bollard fencing rather than a concrete wall—and it limits construction strictly to the Rio Grande Valley section of the border. And even within that section, construction is prohibited on federal and state lands. Regarding the rest, it requires local authorities—which in South Texas are uniformly Democratic and largely controlled by Mexican drug cartels—to agree to the wall’s construction, which is like asking black people to agree that slavery benefited them. It will never happen.

    Section 224(a) of the bill prohibits any illegal alien who is sponsoring an “unaccompanied” minor illegal…or who claims they may, you know, one day sponsor one…or who currently lives with an unaccompanied minor illegal…from being deported. This provides a massive incentive for illegal aliens currently bleeding the public coffers to call up minors from south of the border as little baby human shields against deportation.

    The bill Trump signed also allocates a record $3.4 billion for refugee resettlement. It doubles the permissible number of unskilled seasonal workers who can apply for H-2B non-agricultural visas. It reduces the number of border detention beds by 18%. It adds $40 million to a program that moves asylum seekers from the border to the country’s interior, where they are almost always released."

    He also has/had a large number of anti war supporters that are increasingly critical of his belligerence against Russia, Iran and now Venezuela. Not that the democrats offer any improvement. Other than Gabbard who I mentioned in my OP, but has little chance of winning the primaries, the rest will promote whatever wars the neocons want, just like Trump appears to be doing.

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    Which of trump's policies had the result of reduced spending or increasing gdp?
    None, unfortunately.
    Another 900 billion of debt in this years budget.
    Both parties are pandering to billionaires and its voters emotions.
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    I’m about 99% certain this is fake bro. Taki? Total satire.
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    No, it's not fake. Satire for sure, but not fake.
    How about Ann Coulter
    Or just read the bill (PDF)

    Forget the border wall this term, and the next.
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    Well, the article or quote from the article you posted is not true.

    “The Week’s Toniest, Stoniest, and Phoniest Headlines”

    “We at Taki’s Magazine take our politics like we take life—lightly.

    We believe political labels such as conservative and liberal are as outdated as flared trousers and Nazis.

    Ideology is a false god, a secular religion that seeks vainly to create a paradise on Earth.

    Our only ideology is to be against the junk culture foisted upon us by Hollywood and the mainstream media, and mirages of a new world order.

    Think of us what you will, but read us.

    Our writers are never boring.”

    Made up/satire = not true
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    Championships aside, do you think he's better than peyton?
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    On a championship level, yes. On a post season QB level, yes. On a regular season QB level, yes. I think Payton was awesome but i feel he had better weapons throughout his career and he also played a majority of his games in a dome. Put Brady in a dome for the majority of his career and I think you'd see a much more prolific stat line for him. But I'm also a super fanboy that wants to buy Kraft a handjob, so I may be a little tilted to one side more than the other...
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    I completely disagree about the weapons. Brady always had much better teams and a better coaching staff than peyton. Agree to disagree on that point I guess. Sorry to the OP for changing the subject. Back to politics I guess
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    Coaching I agree with 100% obviously. For some reason I always thought Manning had better receivers, generally speaking. He made it look so easy though, maybe that's why? I thoroughly enjoyed the Brady Manning dynamic. It made for some good storylines and for some really good football. 73503d5b76582c48c7aefe7e7b2c9a4469ea306dd7961a697ec580b491cc0142_1.jpg
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    Yeah, that goes beyond a receding hairline. That’s a damn 5 head right there.
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    I'm out. Peace! :D 6739.jpeg