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  1. MindlessWork

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    You mean Square? My brother has one for taking payments.
  2. biggerben69

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    Exaaaaactlty! My ex became an escort after we split. She takes credit cards and uses Square....just like Johnny from Johnny's Shrimp Boat in LA. He delivers and I used to pay him with my card using Square.
    I wish Johnny was around the Desert. He had awesome prices!
  3. MindlessWork

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    Square is not bad but the swipe fee is a tad steep. I had one myself for my computer repair side business but ran into issues so cancelled it.
  4. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    This chic gets $500 per hour and $2k overnight...The opposite end of the spectrum has Johnny having only a $10 min using Square.
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  5. MindlessWork

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    Wow business must been good for her. Bet Johnny does well too,
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  6. Robfromga

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  7. biggerben69

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    Pm sent...
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  8. MindlessWork

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    Must be a real wowzer :)
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  9. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Do u still get occasional freebies? Or does she make you swipe too? Lol... I Fucked around with an escort chick once... you know the whole let me take care of you kind of thing... I was fucked up but I couldn't get past the fact that she had probably fucked 4 or 5 dudes prior to coming over to my house.. lol
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  10. MindlessWork

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    Bet that was for ONE day...just how many had she gotten it on with in her whole life and career? Scary if you ask me :eek:
  11. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Scary but I was all fucked out on meth at the time so the dirtier the better.... to a point... lol
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  12. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Naa..we're both remarried and my wife and her are friendly. I recently met her husband also.
    I came across kind of an appt book she had that had like the last 6 months of biz.
    She worked out of a Hyatt and some days would have 4 and 5 appts...in one day.
    She kept a running total at the bottom of each..cash total. She didn't have a drug problem and was all about cash.
    One of her regulars was a tax attorney and would help her file so she would report enough but not too much.
    If I was more sophisticated I may have been able to handle it. She made a lot of cash.
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  13. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    The business savy woman in that game kill it. One girl i hung out with as "Fwb" also had her legit day job. She was clearly 6 figures a year not including the side work :confused: I was a little envious but power to her. She was my sugar mama and I was ok with that lol
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  14. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    If they had those in my coke days I would have gone bankrupt more than twice.... buying dope in Dutch point with a stolen credit card would have taken me to a whole new level. You would have to lock the chicks you robbed in the trunk until you copped so she couldn't report the card stolen- no biggie.
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  16. PrideofNYC123

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    I did place an order with these guys so I'll update

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  17. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Who has used these guys? $6 Organon Sustanon amps...!?
  18. Bradly

    Bradly Member

    german bayer, no bloods but I assure you there was test in the amps. proviron was good too
  19. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Thanks Bradly. Looking at their Sustanon and Primo (rimo) amps... Good pricing. I know they've been around a while. What was the TA like?
  20. Bradly

    Bradly Member

    I looked back at another forum where I had posted about his t/a:
    "First order took about a week via ems,all the proviron came in 3 days."
    that was more than a year ago
    I have not been seeing t/as like this recently,but it also seems like people only posting if there are problems and compounding the matter we are all at the mercy of the postal service and the custom gods.
    I think the fact that he goes silent on them really trips some people out. hes not gonna be chatty with you or hold your hand. not you wonderpus, everybody else reading this.

    good luck