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    Dude his quote was... He is a solely reseller of pharma.... Which means he resells only pharma. I see a lot of pharm gear. But there is also UGL shit. Just trying to clear that up for people.
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    Right, but you were inquiring about the sterilization process of goods he's reselling, asking as if he was a manufacturer.

    I think this guys been around for some time.... Just minimal presence on Meso.
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    O ok.
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    3 days left :

  5. 24hreup

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    We have both Pharma and UG with our main field being Pharma
    We do not manufacture anything ourselves
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    Um this guy us actually g2g and is legit that why I don't trust anyone on this site all legit sources u guys bash rite away before u eve tried. This needs to stop
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    Says the guy that just posted this:

    Thanks for your infinite wisdom. Don't know how Meso made it this far without you and your worthless source vouching.
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  8. 24hreup is g2g. He's the only guy I use for pharma grade stuff. He's ran plenty of promos before on eroids and thrown in blue hearts with orders. quick shipping also.
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    You including me in the group of "guys"? I've pretty much given my stamp of approval for 24hrreup....who else do you need on board? You've got serra, Wunder, and myself....that's looking pretty deep as far as support goes.
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    Your approval confirms I'm gonna give them a go next cycle
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    US domestic stock

    Pfizer Genotropin 12mg Go quick pen (36 iu) 275 usd

    Free shipping with BTC
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    Have you ever actually used them? Or basing it on them being around? Because their T/A and customer service is among the worst ever.lol

    Why do you think he is making this push all of a sudden? Business probably went to shit, because of the god awful CS/TA and now he is trying to rope in a bunch of new dipshits by being on his best behavior.
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    have you ever used 24? or just read shit on some other boards?

    he has sales like this a couple times a year.

    his shit is good. He just doesnt want to talk to you, and he's got no time for panicky noobs. Go over to the basicstero thread and check out the moronic first timers over there, I wouldnt talk to them either.Some of these guys have trouble spelling their own name. Looking around all int sources have T/A issues sometimes, its the nature of the beast. Would you prefer someone blowing smoke up your ass like naps has been doing?
    If shit gets real, he will engage you, and If things go south, generous extras.

    I like doing business with 24, he's a professional. If your a professional, you'll like doing business with 24 too.

    I would use 24 again,np. Im looking at that HMG, maybe some humas.
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    No, I've never used 24 myself, but i know many guys that have. He has posted on meso in the past.
  16. ECB

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    Yes, yes I have. Glad you had a good experience, but that is not the norm. Well maybe now he is getting his shit together and it will be the norm. We will see.

    As for noobs, I have probably been around a decade longer than you.. So yea...No. lol Someone like TP has godawful communication but things ship in a reasonable amount of time, and if there is a problem he addresses it. No one needs handholding, but when there is issues, don't just duck the customer, or say their shit shipped. Own it.
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    could you elaborate on your particular issue? Did your pack get snagged? or was the T/A too long? Did he take too long to ship after payment was received? if so how long? more than a week? if the problem was on his end, did he try and make things right? if the answer is no, did you get shitty with him in your communications?

    its not my job to defend 24, he can do that himself.
    Put the intel out there so people can learn. Alot of times people have unreasonable expectations in regards to int T/A. 10 days is fucking awesome, but 30 is realistic.
    I ordered a shirt off ebay the other day, from china, expected delivery reaches out to sept 30. because thats how shit can go. Ive seen where shit has sat in customs for months,months now, and pop out the other side.

    now if someone on his team shit the bed and didnt ship for weeks after payment. thats another story. Ive seen though, that 24 will try to smooth things over in these circumstances. the caveat being, hows that saying go?, "be cool until its time not to be cool". being an internet tough guy with some source who lives in southeast asia serves no purpose, not directed at you ecb but an lpt for anybody reading along.
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    I follow and agree with you, Bradly.
  19. ECB

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    My order was a 2 month ordeal. But if you look around, this is not uncommon. In the end I got it, but not without much headache, and I actually wrote it off at one point.

    Experience tells me to read the signs. When I read of that type of shit going on, with multiple people, I rather avoid it all together. But that is just me. Because it is only a matter of time before YOU are the one in the shit position, getting no help. This was the one order where I ignored my typical logic, and proceeded anyway, and well here we are..lol

    No one is perfect. I realize that for sure. And some customers are just miserable fucks, and impossible to please. I tend to look for trends though. If I see the same thing happening over and over, I will spend money elsewhere.

    It is all good though. People can spend their money where they want. Just kinda of odd when a bunch of WKM are co-signing a source like this, especially one with a rep that is notorious for taking A LONG time to process orders.
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    Page 2 was very entertaining
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