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    Summer Clearance sale
    Save up to 50 %

    DANABOL DS 47.5... USD
    AZOLOL 47.5... USD
    ANABOL 60... USD
    ANABOL10... 60 USD
    ANDROLIC... 60 USD

    TESTOLIC... 27.5 USD
    CYPIONAX... 32.5 USD

    10 x Genotropin 12mg... 1880 USD
    10 x Saizen 8mg... 1555 USD

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  2. Tmisatix

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    So, on your website there is a domestic option, but the only thing you carry is HGH. Will you guys ever carry other items your domestic section in the future?
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  3. Great question.

  4. Up to 50% off...will your website have these discounts already applied to them?

  5. 24hreup

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    Yes sir !
  6. 24hreup

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    Good question..its not decided yet for now we only carry HGH
  7. And sorry for all these questions, I'm just trying to find another source. My source has been getting some bad reviews lately and I'm afraid to use them now.

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  8. Thanks brother.

  9. Tmisatix

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    Thank you 24.

    I heard great things about all your products, but the current status on T/A worries me.
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  10. Not trying to be a dick, but why wouldn't you carry more items domestically? Are you just getting the HGH locally, so there's not a risk factor?
    And thanks for your quick response.

  11. Tmisatix

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    Even just some pct products and such would be nice.
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  12. 24hreup

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    There is a little more to it that just so
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  13. Agreed...

  14. Ok...I'm was just wondering and I just buy the stuff, so I'm obviously clueless to the process but I'm glad guys like you are around.

    Again, thanks for your info.

  15. 24hreup

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    You are welcome!
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    Promo still running up to 50% off original price

    New Domestic stock just in:

    Genotropin 12mg pens - 275 usd include free shipping paying with BTC

    Have a nice weekend
  17. 24hreup

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    Due to national Holidays

    Some items will not be able to ship out until after September 19 th

    We can only ship from our domestic and our Asia stock during this period

    Please be informed
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    Am I the only one who is entertained by the name of this supplier...Ohh the irony

    Products look great by the way, very tempting. Especially after seeing all the WKM's who have vouched for this supplier.
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    a few members are getting a loss it seems this is after he posted several sales
  20. franchise24

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    Looks like he has another promo going. It would suck if he went rogue. I've gotten the blue hearts and British Dispensary pink 5mg dbol from him and they have been good. I would love to buy more but if he's gone bad then another one bites the dust.
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