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    Used him off Reddit took one day to take payment and I knew his t/a was long i don't stress about packs but after 2 months I asked hey check on my order tried 3 different emails on my end finally after I said I will bring this to the board he replied and said I'll ship it out sometime this week and took five months to get my pack and it was missing half my shit this dude is making a push cause he ruined his business with horrible customer service and t/a stay far away from this guy
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    I'm surprised to hear that? @walktheline ...does 24 have a bunch of neg reviews over on Reddit? You have the patience of a saint waiting 2 months before asking where ur pack might be. Seriously....60 days then you finally hit him up? Were you in a coma?
    Are other folks having similar issues or does he just hate your music?
    What's up @24hreup ? Are you letting me look like a fucking idiot singing your praises while guys are getting dicked around? If you have been i demand compensation for my loss of reputation as All Knowing Lord of AAS Sources/The Patron Saint of Serostim Sources. Are you prepared to make reparations?
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    ur rep is solid as it comes bigben I have asked you for advice in the past and never been off point but I seen he had a horrible reviews on communication but his rep for getting the pack there was never seen no one never receive a pack I I jus wanted to add some human grade and don't mind trying a new source out it just seems this guy is fucked and seeing him push for business I don't wanna see people get fucked around his gear was good though a friend ran it and gainz were solid
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    its the cult of 24,lol

    24 provided my first cycle. 24 succeeded where my first order to a "100% success rate" source failed (not Darius btw). So theres that.

    why do we recommend 24?
    A. People generally get their pack.
    B. I have never,ever heard what they got was bunk or fake.
    so to me, 24 is in a pretty small club.

    8 weeks can seem like an eternity. been there, done that. my guess is he took some time before he shipped, and even longer before you got a tracker,right? all the while not answering your email. it can be frustrating.
    Personally I knew what I was getting into with 24, and he exceeded expectations for me.

    I know what the deal is with him, alot of it is theory, but I think Ive spent too long on this thread as it is. and I dont want to get all into his business out in public either.
    If you order enough int stuff, and pay attention enough, you'd pick up on it too.
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    Mabye now he's on meso he will realize he's at the choosing block and step up his game I knew what I was getting into with him did research that's y I didn't stress but think he just got sloppy hope he straightens up and wish him the best
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    @24hreup I know you've been viewing the thread the past 20 mins. Care to shed some light sir. You've been asked questions!
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    very subtle you tease
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    theres a thread over at reddit on this subject
    reddit.com: over 18?

    theres like 2 guys bitching about issues. eroids Im positive is another story all together,but who can take them seriously?

    how bout this? if youve been burned by 24, nows your chance to voice up.
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    Just want to thank you @24hreup. Can't show any respect and reply huh? You just saved me a nice chunk of change & apparently 2 months wait. Cheers
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    Yeah don't know about this one . Hope we get some better feed back
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    Does seem strange...
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    No doubt... considering the rep was on here and checking the thread both times I tagged him. What does that say :rolleyes:
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    When did you make this order ?

    Was the delay caused by us or the postalservice ?

    If we was the cause did we make it up to you ?

    I sent you a PM about this yesterday but didnt get any reply

    If you feel we left you hanging that contact us on mail so we can sort this out.

    Thank you
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    There's a start
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    The consensus I found about 24hreup from gh15 and about everywhere else

    Products - good

    Communication and t/a - bad

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    Is the rimobolan from turkey? Is it shipped from EU? Or from
    China? Anyway to verify its the real rimobolan?

    My gf would like to run primo and I'm searching for pharma primo.
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    Our Rimobolan is from Turkey

    Every pharmaceutical item sold in Turkey has got a special track able
    coding system just like finger prints which is under the control of the government
    (ministry of health).

    You should be able to scan it at the link below:

    İlaç Takip Sistemi
  19. Sampei

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    Does your rimobolan get shipped inside EU?
  20. 24hreup

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    For these questions please PM or email us