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    What would we do without you :)
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    He definitely don’t rep for @StanfordPharma btw how are u friend I hope ur doing well ...
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    What I take from that, don't fuck with @Kim, she will find you, your family and take your mama out. Lmao. Kidding about the last part...... Maybe. :eek:

    Please don't boil any rabbits in my kitchen, I'll play nice. Lol
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    She is freaky good at this detective stuff. Yet can’t get dinner on the table in time...
  5. Wow, lol. There he is. Long time, sir. Good to see you.
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    Well, I wasn't tagged but Kai dropped my handle. After reading reading through the thread I figured I may as well add what I know about the situation.
    While i was away for those 10 months(August to June) I had limited contact with the outside world.
    When April rolled around I started to have regular contact with a few members with my good friend and confidant, @bickel29, being the most regular contact.
    ***I had zero internet access the entire time.****
    My guys(bick, @ironwill1951, @CeymoreButtz, and @boodecarlo...to name a few.) and I, unfortunately, have had to deal with this in the past.
    I'll take this opportunity to also thank the guys who went into their pockets to help me get my feet underneath me.
    I know that that i need only to ask my friends here and if they were in a position to help i know that they would.
    Its been different guys over the years but this last time the aid specifically came from bickel29, ceymorebuttz, and someone I wasn't expecting, @$tanford. Thank you.
    I've been fortunate enough to have made some wonderful friendships that extend well beyond the forums of meso.
    Many of the relationship started off as business and then over time became a friendship.
    m going to do this in 2 posts to be sure i dont lose any of what I type. Tapatalk is temperamental at times.
    Some dont know my history and may be looking for a clue as far as what in the holy heck I'm talking about and how and why my name is mixed up in this thing.
    I believe I've shared space with Kai on a couple of boards over the years in the Source's Sections. If I'm not mistaken, both of the boards were private?
    I just want to remind folks that some of us are talking biz(i'm not) out in the open on a Google indexed board.
    Sourcing on a board like meso isn't something I've ever done. As a matter of fact, I've been a member since 2006 at meso and I haven't ever....not one time..order from a source on meso. Its never made sense to me to do so. That will change with Stanford being here.
    I was busted back in 08 in ORD while sourcing the product I've always sourced(Serostim) on a forum the feds "Mirrored". Anonymousbodybuilding.
    I served a 60 month sentence inside the walls of a Federal prison. I had 60 months of supervised release(probation) that folloed the 60 inside.
    I released last month after serving a 10 month probation violation and in doing so was released completely from the federal system.
    Things were very different back in the old days. Pre Operation Gear Grinder(2005 i think?), the Community had what would you figure @Millard Baker .....10% MAYBE, of the total # UGL's that we have now?
    Gear Grinder created a vacuum after the temporary closings of the Vet Gear manufacturers South of the Border.
    Its made the odds of being a ugl that gets busted much less than one in 2004 but being a top 3 source at meso or eroids has to make those odds a lot worse.
    Anyway....I met ryno in the capacity of "members in good standing" here at meso.
    I met the owner of 24hreup the same way I became aware of Kai; the source section of different boards over the years.
    Hoeever, it took an arguement or verbal onslaught with 24hreup here at meso in the 24hr thread to break the ice for 24hr and I to get friendlier.
    I may or may not be willing to discuss my relationship with 24hr in a private if the person asking me has good reason to ask me...like it would somehow help or make something clear in regards to current business or if they are owed.
    A few yrs back in the 24hr thread i got after 24 for their lack of Communication with members.....to be cont.
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    Any chance your could use the enter button to make reading what you say a bit easier?!?

    It’s just a giant wall of text
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    Wtf???... come on
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    60 months in Federal prison plus 60 months OR for a couple boxes of serostim!? That's fucking crazy, I would never have imagined that.
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    No that makes sense

    What doesn’t make sense is going around and trying to scam every vendor there is, then pretending it didn’t happen and after EVERYONE hates you, still staying. That’s what I think is crazy
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    Agreed, 60 months for selling Serostim is ridiculous. But, I feel it is justified to give to a scamming peice of shit like @balco
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    That’s the truth right there.

    Then the fucking assclown struts around here like it’s no big deal
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  13. Don't leave us hanging here. i thoroughly enjoy reading the experiences of someone that has been on the dark side of this lifestyle.

    Dr Juice over at CJM had me reading till daylight one night with his detailed account of what happened when he got busted.

    So please, when you have time, do continue the story.
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    24hreup I have a question about the Dragon Var you're selling. Maybe it's me but the tested Dragon Var done by Anobliclab is in a white and red bag. Which includes the batch # and exp at the bottom. The bag on your website is more orange and white with no batch # or exp date. Curious the reason for this ? Thanks
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    Thanks I can read , but I'm interested in their var which did test well. But their (24hreup) packaging seems to be off.
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    Guess I have different standards, I’m not buying shit from a source that has a lab test like that. I don’t care if they have pharmaceutical grade whatever at bathtub prices. They’re scamming people and you want to support them because one product tested good?
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    Who and what I do, is my business. But thank you again for your opinion. What would I ever do.:rolleyes:
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    hey, thanks for the post. Glad to have you back as a resource. So, now please expand with proof of your claims.