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    Those pictures we have on our site are stock photos from dp website.
    Thank you
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    We are following this closely
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    Seems SIMEC might have tested for the wrong compounds we are following this closely

    Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2019-03 - SIMEC via AnabolicLab.com
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    Thanks you sir
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  6. So are the Dragon Pharma products good to go or not? What are the reviews on the Hilma products?
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    This. Earth to @kai1432
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  9. Hey what's up with your website. I can't log on for two days now? No response to an email I sent out too.
  10. I got a response from 24hr apparently they had some host issues but they up and running again. I want to leave a review based on their products I've ordered recently and their professionalism.
    Products ordered:
    Caber, Tiromel t3, dbol blue hearts.
    All products were off the charts in terms of quality. Blood tests confirmed prolactin was extremely low. The dbol packed of mass and no side effects typically associated with ugl dbol. Stealth shipping was discreet like I e never seen before. Great company definitely recommend.
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    We have a few offers running for those interested :

    Oxymetholone $50
    (Oxymetholone 50mg , 50 Tablets Iran Hormone)

    Proviron $10
    (Mesterolone 25mg, 20 Tablets, Bayer)

    Oxavar $50
    (Oxandrolone 10mg, 50 Tablets, Unigen Lifescience)

    Norditropin Simplex 10mg $120
    (191AA Human Growth Hormone 30 iu,10mg, Novo Nordisk)

    Humatrope 24mg $260
    (191AA Human Growth Hormone 72 iu, 24mg, Eli Lilly)

    Genotropin 12 mg $160
    (191AA Human Growth Hormone 36 iu 12mg, Go quick pen,Pfizer)

    find all offers under the offer tab on our site :
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    25% Off on all International products !

    International code: 24hreup2019

    Promo code does not apply to bulk deals tab,Dragon or Hilma products and the US Domestic tab


    Pay with BTC and receive $50 store credit !

    BTC BONUS: Customers who Pay with BTC will receive $50 store gift card !
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  13. How long is the promo going on for?
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    You ship within the EU
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    14 days
    Thank you
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    - Dragon Pharma and Hilma Biocare products ships from within the EU.
    The rest of our inventory are shipped from non EU countries
    We have reship guarantee

    Thank you
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    Update on The Saizen 8mg
    We received news about the Turkey Saizen 8mg will be discontinued

    We do not know if they will come back but there will be a 12mg Saizen taking the 8mg's place
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