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    It may take a while longer. This is day 22 on this US domestic order we've been talking about.
  2. 24hreup-rep

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    I haven't abandoned anything. We stand by our products, and from what I am aware @24hreup told @Max10 via email what each product is.

    If @Max10 chooses not to use the products then we would like someone who will then just throwing away perfectly great products.

    We have absolutely nothing to hide.

    If anyone wants to take our offer or even you @Max10 to send one out for lab testing we will pay for the test and also give you a store credit.

    I misworded what I meant so I do apologize to everyone.
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    I would.

    Apparenlty 24hreup sends a ledger with what the product codes mean.

    That's pretty common for raw suppliers and a few UGLs.

    My biggest thing is.. I want what I want lol.

    If I order test Cyp... I want Xyp.

    Someone sends me E or Prop... i ain't injecting that..... I order cyp for a reason, which I dont need to elaborate on.

    Although, I could always grow my prop collection lol
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  4. Max10

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    Nah man, no ledger. Inside the pack was 3 individual packs. The vials were not labeled. I had no clue. After contacting 24 he told me that test e was in pack #2. tren was in pack #4. And test p was in pack #3 for example. Bottom line... I did not get what I ordered.
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    Hey man, I do appreciate the offer but any news for me? Been some time now. I haven't heard anything
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    Well according to his last post, I don't think he got the message that you're not wanting to send gear through the mail and are just wanting your refund....IDK???
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  7. Max10

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    Yeah man. I'm getting some mixed signals on that myself. I don't know
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  8. Max10

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    Update. I got a package. I have 3 vials of test e and a bottle of 50mg dbol. Tri pharma. All I need is a couple vials of tren e and I'm in business.
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    @24hreup-rep did he order hupharma and did you send him hupharma? If not what labs gear did you send him? I'm confused.
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  10. LivEx

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    My opinion here prbly won't matter for shit cause I usually hang out on another board. But I also put a Domestic order and sent btc almost 4 weeks ago. Still have nada except for hope :)

    I ordered from them based on some solid feedback from a few good men, but maybe that was for the International side of things, IDK..

    Will most definitely update if/when TD occurs. Call me crazy but I still want some of their Intl pharma goodies

    Must respect to the Meso crowd...
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  11. 24hreup-rep

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    Your opinion absolutely matters mate and you should of messaged me within the second week.

    I applaud you for not disrespecting me like other members.

    Please send me a pm of your order number so we can look into it asap.
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    This has been the most convoluted aspect of the whole thing. If the dude ordered and paid for a specific brand, he should be sentthat brand, not some random unlabeled ugl product he wasn’t expecting. @24hreup-rep what’s the story here? Was he sent the brand he selected and paid for or not?
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  13. 24hreup-rep

    24hreup-rep Member

    No, he has NOT selected any specific brand when he placed his order.
  14. movingiron88

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    @Max10 is this true? You previously claimed you specifically order hupharma, what's the deal?
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  15. Max10

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    The website advertises hutech and tri pharma. They are different prices. Tri pharma cost a bit more. I give him exact amount for hutech. This isnt my first time ordering from these guys us domestic. They don't advertise that they have their own domestic line they are about to push out and labels haven't arrived yet. No where on the site do they advertise mystery oil. No where.
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  16. Max10

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    I guarentee you dodge this dude and postpone for weeks on pm he gonna hurt your little feelings also. Also a tip for you Mr sensitive, dont send this dude mystery oil. Send what you advertise
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  17. Max10

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    I did not say I specifically ordered hupharma. He has a choice of two on the website. Tri pharma or hutech. This isn't my first time ordering from these guys domestic line. I give him exact change for hutech, it is a bit cheaper. I recieved mystery oil. That's the problem.
  18. Max10

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    Please tell me you are trying to justify sending that shit. Lol
  19. Max10

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    No, I was not. Now, yesterday I received 3 vials of test e a d for some reason 50mg dbol. Don't know what I would want dbol for but I'm still short tren e... 2 vials
  20. Max10

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    4 weeks on domestic? Wow.