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    Oh ok. Well I didn't even get bloodwork or labs. I just pinned it and liked the outcome.
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    No doubt, I'm not knocking you, just informing you. With analytical testing available at a reasonable price, it's the best thing we can do to keep sources in check and protect ourselves. It's a lot easier to do then you might think.
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    I know you're right. I'm gonna get it done.
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    Pinned the Pharmavol Test-P yesterday, minor pip, and that morning wood was no joke!!! Definitely noticed the switch from Test-E to P.

    I'm on week 5 of Test-E and will use Test-P the last 4 weeks of this 12 week cycle.

    Thanks again to @24hreup for making it right
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    Because I am rep for a source and if they do come back perfect (Which they will) I will get accused that I altered the results. Think about it..... He has the products in his hands and I am giving him the ability to send them out for testing out of my pocket. You can't get no better than that.
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    Deff Iran Pharma var or Bodyresearch Var.
    Note: both are 2.5mg dose but are true prescription var registered from both countries. They are prescribed for little children and burn victims.

    I used 25mg of the Bodyresearch var daily years ago and had INCREDIBLE results.

    Though I highly suggest to use it only whem you are in decent condition to reap the benefits.
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    Sad news going on.... Today I was informed that Pfizer is running into a severe manufacturing hault for the compound to produce Genotropin pens. The CoronaVirus has took a major hit on big player pharmaceutical companies. So now the whole country is running into a shortage. Apparently, rumors report that they might return somewhere around mid June and other reports are that they might completely discontinue the product and push the rest of Pfizer products on there catalogs for Turkish market.

    I want to keep everyone aware now as I got the news last night.

    So if anyone had great sucess using Pfizer Genotropin pens, I suggest to stock up now.
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    Btw, all PM's have been answered.

    I hope everyone is having a great day
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    @LivEx I forgot to mention that true Oxandrolone is one of the very few oral anabolic steroids that bypasses the liver and goes to the kidneys. It was actually prescribed back in the day to patients with fatty liver disease.

    Below I attached a video from a credible doctor in the states discussing this popular medication.

    I hope all is well
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    glad it all worked out in the end. I meant to @24hreup not you
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    All pms have been answer guys
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    Nice link bro! I tend to be cautious with the liver ever since I did prescribed acccutane as a teen. My enzymes always fluctuate on the high side so I have TUDCA on deck for any orals. Good to hear regarding Anavar....

    Nice to have a rep with solid intel :)
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    Likewise mate. I also used Accutane as a teen so I understand.

    Look into precusor NAC or if you can, intramuscular Glutathione either keep liver enzymes at bay.

    Preferably I would get Glutathione but it has to be intramuscular to be entirely effective.

    Tudca is good stuff too. Also make sure to stay very hydrated too. I generally stay away from all orals except Anavar at mild dosages 20-30mg max weeks at a time and Proviron (Which is not methylated). Everything else I pay extreme caution with my labs and lipids and how they are shifting. I feel people are dosing Anabolics today way way to high when it is a much broader scope to build quality muscle. Example, diet has to be on point and lets be honest most people are not fueling there body to be optimal to recover and grow. If they were eating like a machine the dosages used today would be far far less.

    I went of on a little bit of a tangent lol.

    I forgot to mention, oral Primo is not methylated either but one it is very hard to source and two you have to take alot daily. Way way better off to use injectable Bayer Rimo and @24hreup is known for only carrying authentic stuff.

    I am doing a educational post shortly on them. Just wanted to make sure everyones orders were handled first.

    Btw, I responded to your Pm :)
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    Just want to update. @24hreup contacted me by pm. He said he would make right the problem I was having. And he did come through. I received my last package and all is good now.
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    Hey everyone,

    Hope you all are spending it with your loved ones in this crazy time of the world.

    I just answered all Pm's.

    stay safe and healthy
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    Hey Guys,

    Quick pop up sale! Here is your chance to run Hutech some products domestically.

    Pop up sale


    tren A 100 $35
    Tren E 200 $40
    Test E 250 $25.5
    Test C 250 $25.5
    Mass 450 $45
    Mast P 100 $30

    Sale running for the rest of the week.

    For any other questions please don't hesitate to message me. :)
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    I like to point out that @24hreup carries some of the rarest authentic pharmaceutical goods in the market.

    For example, we carry British Dispensary products. British Dispensary is a Thai FDA approved brand registered and prescribed all over Thai hospitals/pharmacies. Some of the brands are the legendary Anabols (last Pharmaceutical Dianabol) sold in pink 5mg/ and yellow 10mg tabs.

    Next we go to British Dispensary Androlic (Oxymethelone) Anadrol. Another Thai FDA product prescribed in Thai hospitals. These, Iran Hormone Anadrol and Turkish Anapolans are last in exsistence. These are also very unique as they have a score in the middle to split the tab in 25mg increments.

    Next we have British Dispensary Azolol (Stanozolol) that is one of the last Thai FDA approved medicines in exsistence dosed at 5mg and prescribed in Thai hospitals for children and women.

    Lastly, we have Bodyresearch blueheart Danabol (Dianabol) and Testolic (testosterone propinate). Both medicines are Thai FDA approved drugs registered under Thai database.

    Fun fact: Testolic and Farmaks are the last 2 testosterone propinate products in exsistence. Medicine has 0 pip and flows very smooth.

    All these medicines are just examples what @24hreup carries in his line and more.

    So go ahead, try them for yourself, review them, get labwork, lab analysis, share your overall experience with the community as we like to hear your feedback and we will be sure to credit you in return as a thank you.

    Heads up, in the pictures you might notice products have expired dates. We just want to inform you your products will have fresh lots. These are just pictures of some products we carry.

    Take care everybody :)

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    Nice write up. Its good to have a knowledgeable rep
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    2F54B7FD-047E-476A-BEC4-9A6CA3E0FED9.jpeg just want to post bloods of my buddy who is running pharmavol test cyp 300mg a week and scored 2400.Ive been running pharmavol for the last yr EQ test c sus and Mast p. my buddys have ran deca tren a and E all very good no complaints at all.
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    Thankyou mate

    Hope all is well

    Stay safe