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    Do these guys usually provide tracking numbers? I made my first order with them roughly 2 weeks ago, had an email with shipping confirmation but no tracking number.
  2. Rival

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    So you’re still waiting and STILL shorted.. that’s unacceptable. Lost my order and faith for sure. Such a shame it fell apart with royal.
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    Once I got a tracking number. Other times shit just showed up.
  4. Max10

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    Yeah man, still waiting and still shorted. But instead of making it right. He's skating around the truth, trying to justify the situation and causing all this drama. On a tiny little order. This is exactly why I dont place large orders.
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    Dodge this dude?

    Why don't you tag him in our conversation and ask him yourself.

    I am done talking to you. For what I am aware @24hreup keeps telling me more things to your order.

    Ironic you never mention what brand you wanted either on the site.....

    You keep saying mystery oils when you know what is what and I even offered to pay to test it.

    Here for anyone who wants to believe the shit that come out this guys mouth. I will pay for your test and I will send out a Humatrope paid out of my pocket if you can prove to anyone on the community we send "Mystery oils"

    But like I said you will get your last stuff with labels.

    I am done communicating with you and my boss will be now in full contact with you now. Wait for your last stuff.

    Tell the truth or my boss @24hreup will
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    No he didn't state what he wanted according to my boss. @24hreup will address this.
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    I want what's on the site cry baby.
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    I mean, just asking here and if I missed something I apologize, but is that standard procedure to send a customer unlabeled vials just cause he supposedly didn't specify??? I mean, shouldn't an email have been sent out to confirm his order and clarify??? Or its best to assume he ordered from the " Unlabeled Vial "category???
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    Your damn website 24hreup.net advertised hutech and tri pharma on US domestic. That's it. There is not another damn choice there when I ordered and paid February 15. I ordered 3 vials of test e and 2 vials of tren e. I dont give a damn which one, I expected a decent product with a label that I could feel good about injecting. That's all the hell I wanted. That is what I paid for. I am not ever going to inject an oil after someone tells me what it is after I send him email trying to figure it out. This has been nothing but a damn headache. I dont have time to be going back and forth. Here we are well into March and finally I get part of what I ordered yesterday. I dont care what happens from here I'm not spending anymore time on 2 vials of gear. I know good sources. I'll use them.
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    You hit the nail on the head right there my friend. I mean, what the hell? Who does that crap? And then let all this take place on such a small order? Just make the shit right.
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    Just got my TD. Big thanks to 24hreup. Gonna brush this off as a mishap on the Dom line for now cause lets be real, shit happens with most every source but they did me right with 2 extra Test-P's which they didn't have to do.

    Call me crazy but I'm gonna throw another order but this time on the Intl side. Looking to grab some Anavar for myself and wifey.

    Anyone got recent feedback on these would be very much appreciated:
    Oxavar / Unigen Labs
    Anavar / Standard
    Oxandrol / Thaiger
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    Oh cool! Yours has labels!
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  13. LivEx

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    I don't blame you one bit with that unlabeled gear. Not that labels mean purity/contents by any means but lack of a label is ludicrous. How does the ug not even get mixed up?

    Hopefully they take care of you
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    I've used Unigen Labs oils and was satisfied and thier Oxavar I believe was tested here at Meso. Thaigers oils beat the hell out of me... only brand I've ever used to give me horrible PIP. Never tried thier orals.
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    seriously man? I’m more inclined to believe @Max10 over you.

    here’s an idea. How about you stop the back and forth and send out your 2 UGL lines for testing YOURSELF and post it here? Why the hell hasn’t that been done on your end already? You had royal products tested. Why not HU and TRI?
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    @Max10 Funny enough yeah I got labeled product but not the Hutech Test-P I ordered. Got some Pharmavol Test-P...

    Just did some research and can't find much of anything on this ug besides one site sponsoring the hell out of it which don't mean anything. Anyone ever heard of this brand?

    @24hreup is your international pharm grade the same? Do you guys send random or the actual brand ordered?
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  17. 24hreup

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    Hi LivEx
    We will always send the actual brand ordered but in rare cases if we are out of stock we will then attempt a substitution with a different brand. If a substitute happens we will normally send extras or lets say the substitute brand dont carry the same strength, original brand is 50mg the sub 30 then we would send 2 x 30mg etc. So the order will always be covered in full strength equally to the brand ordered or more. Its also written in our policy.Please Note
    We will never substitute pharma with ug before full acceptance from customer and You can always request no substitution and original brand only. I hope it answered your question
    Thank you
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    All good, I'ma pin it and see what happens in a few weeks.

    @24hreup-rep got any intel on your most popular Anavar?
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    I've used his pharmavol tren e. I cant complain. I can't provide bloodwork but I liked it. Very smooth and got the job done
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    Bloodwork does not give you tren results. It may skew your e2 level depending on method of testing but has no direct correlation to tren dosage. Only analytical lab testing can produce results.
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