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  2. Has anyone tried the hutech? Was thinking of ordering some since it’s on sale.
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    Guys we are running another sale on all domestic products.


    TEST E 400MG/ML $37.5
    TEST E 250MG/ML $30
    TEST C 250MG/ML $30
    TEST P 100MG/ML $27
    SUSTANON 250MG/ML $30
    DECA 250MG/ML $34.5
    NPP 100MG/ML $30
    EQ 300MG/ML $34.5
    MAST E 200MG/ML $42
    MAST P 100/ML $34.5
    tren E 200MG/ML $42
    TREN A 100MG/ML $34.5
    TNE 100MG/ML $27
    RIPEX 225MG/ML 75MG TEST P/75MG TREN A/75MG MAST P $49.5


    Anadrol 50MGX50CT $25
    DBOL 20MGX50CT $38.25
    Anavar 20MGX50CT $42
    WINSTROL 20MGX50CT $38.25

    NOVADEX 20MGX30CT $27
    clomid 50MGX30CT $30.75
    ARIMADEX 1MGX30Ct $34.5
    aromasin 25MGX30CT $34.5

    viagra 50MGX30ML $30.75
    cialis 20MGX30ML $30.75

    clen 40MCG $42
    t3 25MCG $42

    hcg 5000iu $42

    HUTECH :

    Test P 100 $22.5
    Test E 250 $25.5
    Test C 250 $25.5
    1-Test cyp/Dhb $33
    Sust 250 $25.5
    Tren A 100 $30
    Tren E 200 $37.5
    Mast p 100 $30
    Mast e 200 $37.5
    NPP 100 $25.5
    Deca 300 $30
    Eq 300 $30
    Primo 200 $75
    ProMix 150 (Tren a 50mg , mas p 50mg , test prop 50mg) $45
    Tri Tren 225 (Tren E 100mg tren Hex 75mg tren a 50mg ) $45
    Mass450 (200mg eq 200mg deca 50mg Npp) $45

    Anavar 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Winstrol 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    DBOL 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Androl 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Proviron 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Superdrol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Tbol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Cialis 20mg 100 tabs $60 OUT
    Viagra 50mg 100 tabs $60
    Halo 10 mg 50 tabs $90

    Anti E & pct
    nolvadex 25mg 100 tabs $60
    Clomid 50 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    arimidex 1mg 50 tabs $67.5
    Letro 2.5mg 50 tabs $67.5
    exemestane 20mg 50 tabs $90

    Also, we like to point out majority of products have been 3rd party tested by our customers. If you like, send some out yourself for analytical testing and post the results here, I will make sure you get a store credit.

    Stay safe everyone, and for any other questions send me a PM.

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    All pms have just been replied to.
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    All new pms have been answered everyone.
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    I have been getting alot of Pms which domestic brand is better. Tbh, both are great. We would never choose quantity over quality. We encourage our members to test our products, post your overall experience on here, and share them to the community so we can all grow.

    I will be sure too that you are compensated with a store credit too. :)

    Again, I am always here to answer any questions you have regarding opinions on certain compounds, brands I have had experience with in the past, and order details.

    I hope all is staying safe during this Pandemic.
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    Anyone ordered lately?
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    Do you have a brand / photos of these items? Do you ship to Canada

    clen 40MCG $42
    t3 25MCG $42
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    yes he does
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    All Pms have been answered
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    These guys are great. Second package I ordered. No Canadian custom issues. The second package I used a courier and was here in 4 days. Thanks again
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    Thank you for your honest review and I hope you are staying safe during this virus situation.
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    We have been getting alot of Pms in regards to international orders and delays. We want to make clear that alot of European borders are closed, meaning that delivery of cargo is very behind. As for orders in the states, they are coming thru, but please expect a 6-8 week delay at minimum. This is because air cargo is very limited and US customs are really behind with inspecting and getting packages out.

    You might notice alot of other sources have stop shipping for this reason, but we haven't but are being transparent.

    Other than that, all other Us domestic is working 100% with very little to no delays.

    Stay safe everyone
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    Guys very good news,

    Had to step on here to first apologize about yesterdays post, after discussion with @24hreup , international orders are still being delivered with a different means of shipping to get them in a very timely fashion. So delays are kept at a absolute minimum. For more info contact my boss @24hreup via message for more details.

    I like to wish all of you and all your families a Happy Easter.
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    So how much is domestic shipping ?? Been looking for an hour now.
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    What’s the safest order to get through? I assume orals? I never shipped international
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    Tri $15
    hutech $20
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    Send us a pm please
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    Anyone try the Thai testoviron/rotex ? Pics on site are old.
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