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    All pms have been answered.
  2. just wanted to say thanks to 24hr for coming through on a rather large order that was mistakenly sent incorrectly but they owned up to the shipping error and reshipped it and provided a discount code. Regular airmail does take a long time but it does arrive but I wonder what the success rate to Canada is via private courier. can anyone in canada comment on this. Either way great company and cannot wait to finally try this pharma primo.
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    Thank you for your honest review.

    Post some pics of those beautys. :)

    Send a PM to @Kanon ;)

    Hope all is well and stay safe mate.
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  4. Here ya go

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  5. Smooth as butter by the way.
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    Beautiful site mate.

    Enjoy them and get some bloods for the community.
  7. Bloods on what bro. Primo not going to show up in any blood test. Unless the community wishes to see free test levels on 400mg of Pareto Pharmaceuticals Test E.
  8. That's about it lol.
    Free Test will be nice, but that's all.

    How high are you running the Rimos?
  9. I’m slowly going to ramp it up right now I’m 3 shots in I’m doing 1 amp eod. Will go to 1cc daily when gyms open up.
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    Beautiful !!! Will have to give it a try after all this corona fuss!!! Was it delayed because of it?
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    I was curious if anyone has tried the domestic line ? Haven’t heard much on the two sources they offer. Thank you
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    All Pms have been answered
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    Guys sale has been extended for our domestic store and we are running a sale on our international pharmaceutical line.




    TEST E 400MG/ML $37.5
    TEST E 250MG/ML $30
    TEST C 250MG/ML $30
    TEST P 100MG/ML $27
    SUSTANON 250MG/ML $30
    DECA 250MG/ML $34.5
    NPP 100MG/ML $30
    EQ 300MG/ML $34.5
    MAST E 200MG/ML $42
    MAST P 100/ML $34.5
    tren E 200MG/ML $42
    TREN A 100MG/ML $34.5
    TNE 100MG/ML $27
    RIPEX 225MG/ML 75MG TEST P/75MG TREN A/75MG MAST P $49.5


    Anadrol 50MGX50CT $25
    DBOL 20MGX50CT $38.25
    Anavar 20MGX50CT $42
    WINSTROL 20MGX50CT $38.25

    NOVADEX 20MGX30CT $27
    clomid 50MGX30CT $30.75
    ARIMADEX 1MGX30CT $34.5
    aromasin 25MGX30CT $34.5

    viagra 50MGX30ML $30.75
    cialis 20MGX30ML $30.75

    clen 40MCG X 50 CT $42
    t3 25MCG X50 CT $42

    hcg 5000iu $42

    HUTECH :

    Test P 100 $22.5
    Test E 250 $25.5
    Test C 250 $25.5
    1-Test cyp/Dhb $33 OUT
    Sust 250 $25.5
    Tren A 100 $30
    Tren E 200 $37.5
    Mast p 100 $30
    Mast e 200 $37.5
    NPP 100 $25.5
    Deca 300 $30
    Eq 300 $30
    Primo 200 $75
    ProMix 150 (Tren a 50mg , mas p 50mg , test prop 50mg) $45
    Tri Tren 225 (Tren E 100mg tren Hex 75mg tren a 50mg ) $45
    Mass450 (200mg eq 200mg deca 50mg Npp) $45

    Anavar 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Winstrol 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    DBOL 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Androl 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Proviron 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Superdrol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Tbol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Cialis 20mg 100 tabs $60 OUT
    Viagra 50mg 100 tabs $60
    Halo 10 mg 50 tabs $90

    Anti E & pct
    nolvadex 25mg 100 tabs $60
    Clomid 50 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    arimidex 1mg 50 tabs $67.5
    Letro 2.5mg 50 tabs $67.5
    exemestane 20mg 50 tabs $90


    99%+ purity
    1 kit $170
    5 kits $750 ($150 per kit )
    10 kits $1400 ($140 per kit)


    SITE :


    -Our international section have amazing TA

    3-4 days to the states with courier !

    NO minimum order for customers who pay with BTC

    WU and MG $150 minimum order apply.

    We encourage all customers to run labs / bloods on our products post them up -We will return the favor with free gear, store credit or both.

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    Just curious is the domestic hgc pharm grade I’m guessing it is never seen underground hgc.
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    I sent you a pm
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    Guys all your pms have been answered.

    Stay safe everyone.
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    Guys we have new blacktop GH 120i.u kits domestically in stock at a very good price point (See sale pricelist). We also have current lab analysis for them that tested well over 99.150% purity and at 12.89i.u a vial.

    But don't take our word, we want you guys to pull bloods, or send one out yourself for lab analysis for the community, and we will compensate you with a store credit and I will see if my boss can reimburse you for the cost of the test.

    We want you to share your overall experience with the community and your own personal bloods for others running the same kits.

    So have at it and let us all know.:)
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  18. What's the dosage on your injectable B mix?

    Cant seem to find it on your website
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    Bro I’m confused on guys swearing primo needs to be 1g+, but guys that take pharma primo claim to use 200-400mg
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    probably because they cant afford 1g of pharma primo per week
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