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    In terms of an HPLC test.
    If dosed correctly , Pharma Primo and UGL are the exact same.

    As for the 1g Vs 200mg...
    Depends on a lot of factors.
    Sweet spots where the compound really shows its value

    For example, DHB
    At 400mg, the gains are nice.
    Up it to only 600mg... I cant eat enough food to bull, literally force feeding and waking up at night to eat, and I'm still.losing fat.

    That's MY sweet spot on that compound.

    You dont NEED to run primo at 1g.

    I know lots of guys that run UGL at 200-400mg
    Helps with libido, great erections and helps boost free testosterone, so you get better gains from your Test base.

    But yes, the sweet spot is apparently around 800+

    Just like I dont NEED to run 600 DHB, but the gains are fucking nuts for only 200mg Difference
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    I know Primo is primarily used for cutting, but I always hear about the gains guys get.....so should I eat at a slight surplus? Defecit? Cut hard? Sorry I’ve never used primo ever and I’m trying to plan a cycle to get the most of it
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    Depends on your goals brother.
    All compounds (Other than shit like A-bombs, Dbol etc) are so versatile.
    Even mast can be used effectively on a bulk to stay dry and crush SHBG.

    Primo is just a lovely compound, can be used as a part of a bulk, contest prep... cutting (great nutrient partitioning) or a solid recomp

    Use it however you want my friend.

    I'm looking forward to my Primo cruise
    4iu GH
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    Thanks bro.....I’m on 3-4iu of
    Pharma GH right now.....been cutting for awhile.....I think I plan on coming down to a Trt dose, give my system a break for 4-5-6 weeks.....then jump into a primo/mast/var run, my etections have been too inconsistent on tren
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    thats a perfect cruise
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    Yeah always good to take the time off and hit maintence cals.
    I just get too fucking tired when I'm running a lot of gear tbh

    I'm really excited for it.

    Put on some decent size and strength on my current cycle.

    I'll be happy if I can keep all my gains with that cruise and try to get some strength up
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    Im pretty sure you will keep all your gains with that cruise lol
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    Please see here :
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    Bemix is 2ml x 5 amps

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    Primo does NOT need to be runned at 1g+ Frankly, that is insane! Really puts a lot of stress on the kidneys from the high nitrogen retention it causes.

    I agree as long as HPLC testing are both the same then you should see no difference.

    In regards to dosing, I seen best results on a lot of individuals with dosages from 400-600. Rarely I seen anyone who needs to push it up to 800+mg weekly to be quite honest. I personally favor it best on my own physique when I run it at 500 mg weekly with some test e.

    In regards to cutting or adding to a mass phase, it can be incorporated in either scenario. Actually, Primo is wonderful in a lean mass program you get this beautiful round look with minimal water retention. Not to mention fantastic pumps.

    Same for dieting, it also has its perks. Helps with immunity, preserving muscle tissue and as a mild AI keeping water retention low.

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    Btw, all Pms have been answered.
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    Got my stuff today! Probably the most professional package i ever got from a source here, everything arrived cooled and in perfect condition. Communication was also great, always got an answer within a couple hours. Can only recommend!
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    Mine hasn't.
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    Thank you mate. I appreciate your honest feedback, I hope all is well.
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    You haven't sent me a PM recently? Anyway, please send me a pm now.
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    Did you get my last one?
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    Hi brother,

    Nothing from you I just checked.

    Hope all is well
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    All pms have been answered.
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    All PM's have been answered
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