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    You want to help, post bloodwork.. test the gear ..
    You have an AI on hand??
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    I would love to do that but I only got this 3 days ago, bro. But in the meantime if you don't think others on here want to hear that someone at least got their shit in a timely manner I think you're in the minority. Sorry I didn't please you. I've been on TRT for 6 years and have been a member on T-Nation and UGBodybuilding for quite a while so I'm up on what I need, thanks though. Like I said before, I'm new here but I'm not "new".
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    than you should know your first post should be an introduction.. just saying..

    If that’s you in the pic ?, scratch out your tattoos
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    You're probably right.
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    well yea.. especially all your posts are on a sources thread.. frowned upon ..
    you’ll get the hang of it
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    it showed as sent but I replied to your response once more, its about wholesale
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    Would anyone here recommend the nolvadex or aromasin from their domestic section? (it's UGL)
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    All pms answered.
  9. 24hreup-rep

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    All current pms answered
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    Please check your pms
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  12. 24hreup-rep

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    All pms answered everyone
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    Just a quick update. What I received was not Tri-Pharma but actually Pharmavol Labs. I could give a rat's ass what it is as long as it's legit but just thought I'd mention it.
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    New sale guys!

    TA 4-14 DAYS


    TEST E 400MG/ML $37.5
    TEST E 250MG/ML $30
    TEST C 250MG/ML $30
    TEST P 100MG/ML $27
    SUSTANON 250MG/ML $30
    DECA 250MG/ML $34.5
    NPP 100MG/ML $30
    EQ 300MG/ML $34.5
    MAST E 200MG/ML $42
    MAST P 100/ML $34.5
    tren E 200MG/ML $42
    TREN A 100MG/ML $34.5
    TNE 100MG/ML $27
    RIPEX 225MG/ML 75MG TEST P/75MG TREN A/75MG MAST P $49.5


    Anadrol 50MGX50CT $25
    DBOL 20MGX50CT $38.25
    Anavar 20MGX50CT $42
    WINSTROL 20MGX50CT $38.25

    NOVADEX 20MGX30CT $27
    clomid 50MGX30CT $30.75
    ARIMADEX 1MGX30CT $34.5
    aromasin 25MGX30CT $34.5

    viagra 50MGX30ML $30.75
    cialis 20MGX30ML $30.75

    clen 40MCG X 50 CT $42
    t3 25MCG X50 CT $42

    hcg 5000iu $42

    HUTECH :

    Test P 100 $22.5
    Test E 250 $25.5
    Test C 250 $25.5
    1-Test cyp/Dhb $33 OUT
    Sust 250 $25.5
    Tren A 100 $30
    Tren E 200 $37.5
    Mast p 100 $30
    Mast e 200 $37.5
    NPP 100 $25.5
    Deca 300 $30
    Eq 300 $30
    Primo 200 $75
    ProMix 150 (Tren a 50mg , mas p 50mg , test prop 50mg) $45
    Tri Tren 225 (Tren E 100mg tren Hex 75mg tren a 50mg ) $45
    Mass450 (200mg eq 200mg deca 50mg Npp) $45

    Anavar 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Winstrol 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    DBOL 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Androl 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Proviron 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Superdrol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Tbol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Cialis 20mg 100 tabs $60 OUT
    Viagra 50mg 100 tabs $60
    Halo 10 mg 50 tabs $90

    Anti E & pct
    nolvadex 25mg 100 tabs $60
    Clomid 50 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    arimidex 1mg 50 tabs $67.5
    Letro 2.5mg 50 tabs $67.5
    exemestane 20mg 50 tabs $90


    99%+ purity
    1 kit $170
    5 kits $750 ($150 per kit )
    10 kits $1400 ($140 per kit)


    SITE :


    -Our international section have amazing TA

    3-4 days to the states with courier !

    NO minimum order for customers who pay with BTC

    WU and MG $150 minimum order apply.

    We encourage all customers to run labs / bloods on our products post them up
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    Someone used his primo 200?
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    can you post labs of this batch? I've not seen 99%+ recently
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    This is probably a good time to comment on my recent purchase. I purchased the Tri Pharm Dbol 20mg tabs and test cyp 250mg/ml from US Domestic but actually received Pharmavol products. This is my 18th day on 500mg test cyp (250 twice per week) and the Dbol. I started this cycle after a 10 week recomp and went straight into a clean bulk. I started the Dbol at 30mg/day which from what I have researched is plenty for a first cycle. After the 8th day I bumped it up to 40mg, then 50mg, then 60mg by the 14th day. The past couple days I bumped it to 80mg. I have seen absolutely no results other than gaining 5.5 lbs which is what I would normally gain from moving into a calorie surplus after 17 days without drugs involved. I think it's safe to say at this point that the Dbol is either total bunk or at best severely under-dosed. No side effects at all, no extra strength, pumps, water retention or anything else typical of Dbol. It's obviously too soon to tell about the test cyp but I'm not getting my hopes up. I have continued my normal trt dose of 50mg twice a week just in case. Just thought I'd pass that on and you can take it however you like.
    I might add that I've got 30 yrs lifting experience so it's not a matter of not knowing what I'm doing in regards to training and nutrition.
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  18. Pretty serious concerns

    Any chance you're thinking of sending it out for testing.
    Not that I dint believe you brother, it's just testing is the be all end all for confirmation.

    @24hreup-rep You have testing or anything for these products?
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    @maxx the dogg
    Not busting balls but just a heads up, turn around times shouldn't be discussed much less exact turn around time like "I ordered on xxdate and then received on xxdate"

    @24hreup should ask @Millard Baker to scrub the original posts and subsequent quotes of that original post.
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    Duly noted.
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