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    Both are phenomenal products! Thai Bayer Testovirons however have been discontinued for the past two years, (Not sure when new lots will he back, hopefully soon) but send a message on the site we might still have old stock left.

    As for Rotexmedicas, they are still in production and in fact we have access to fresh lots.

    Again, send a message on our site so we can update you swiftly on current stock.

    I hope all is well, stay safe.
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    For those that have been asking about the carrier oil used :


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    I'm new here but I've been a lurker for a long time. I just want to say these guys are great. Ordered from the domestic list and got it faster than I expected. I will be making another order soon.
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    All pms answered
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    TEST E 400MG/ML $37.5
    TEST E 250MG/ML $30
    TEST C 250MG/ML $30
    TEST P 100MG/ML $27
    SUSTANON 250MG/ML $30
    DECA 250MG/ML $34.5
    NPP 100MG/ML $30
    EQ 300MG/ML $34.5
    MAST E 200MG/ML $42
    MAST P 100/ML $34.5
    tren E 200MG/ML $42
    tren A 100MG/ML $34.5
    TNE 100MG/ML $27
    RIPEX 225MG/ML 75MG TEST P/75MG TREN A/75MG MAST P $49.5


    Anadrol 50MGX50CT $25
    DBOL 20MGX50CT $38.25
    Anavar 20MGX50CT $42
    WINSTROL 20MGX50CT $38.25

    NOVADEX 20MGX30CT $27
    clomid 50MGX30CT $30.75
    ARIMADEX 1MGX30Ct $34.5
    aromasin 25MGX30CT $34.5

    viagra 50MGX30ML $30.75
    cialis 20MGX30ML $30.75

    clen 40MCG $42
    t3 25MCG $42

    hcg 5000iu $42

    HUTECH :

    Test P 100 $22.5
    Test E 250 $25.5
    Test C 250 $25.5
    1-Test cyp/Dhb $33
    Sust 250 $25.5
    Tren A 100 $30
    Tren E 200 $37.5
    Mast p 100 $30
    Mast e 200 $37.5
    NPP 100 $25.5
    Deca 300 $30
    Eq 300 $30
    Primo 200 $75
    ProMix 150 (Tren a 50mg , mas p 50mg , test prop 50mg) $45
    Tri Tren 225 (Tren E 100mg tren Hex 75mg tren a 50mg ) $45
    Mass450 (200mg eq 200mg deca 50mg Npp) $45

    Anavar 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Winstrol 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    DBOL 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Androl 25 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    Proviron 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Superdrol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    Tbol 25mg 100 tabs $75
    cialis 20mg 100 tabs $60 OUT
    viagra 50mg 100 tabs $60
    Halo 10 mg 50 tabs $90

    Anti E & pct
    nolvadex 25mg 100 tabs $60
    clomid 50 mg 100 tabs $67.5
    arimidex 1mg 50 tabs $67.5
    Letro 2.5mg 50 tabs $67.5
    exemestane 20mg 50 tabs $90

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    Thank you for the trust and your support please leave us a review after your run with the products.
    We encourage all customers to run labs / bloods on our products and post them up -We will return the favor with free gear, store credit or both
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    Sale still going strong, send me a pm for any help guys.
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    I ordered pro mix for myself and some friends they said it’s great. Fast shipping and potent. Personally I’m off cycle but saving these babies for later . Thank you !

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    Placed my first order with these guys today, looking forward to it!
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    I placed an order 2 weeks ago that I paid immediately with bitcoin. It was my 3rd order on your website. As of today I still have absolutely no news, no confirmation and no shipping of my last order. You do not answer my PMs either. Are you guys still legit or a scam now?
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    Hi xiugad please send me your order ID in PM

    Thank you
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    A scam? I literally just responded to your PM but looks like my boss got to you first before I have.
  13. Are you scamming the one post noobs now?
    Shame on you. :D:p
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    All PM's have been answered.

    Our sale is still going strong guys. We have some sweet pharmgrade quality gear domestically at great prices. We want you to try the new line of products, give the community a honest review of your experiences with the products and us, and lastly, we want you to test our products via bloodwork or lab analysis. We will compensate you with a store credit and it helps the community as well. :)

    Forgot to mention too, we are running a International sale on top



    -Our international section have amazing TA

    3-4 days to the states with courier !

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    Hope all is well @MisterSuperGod
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  16. Very much so. Hope the same for you guys.
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  17. You guys are scammers now?
    Guess I missed the memo lol

    Side note, any recent shilling issues to Canada?
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    I've ordered twice within the last month from these guys. Once airmail, once fedex. No issues getting into Canada. Had my GH in 4 days with Fedex. Unbelievable really...
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    Lmao :p

    We are running optimally. Hope all is well @Silentlemon1011
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    Thank you for the honest review mate.

    Glad you are happy.