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    it’s funny bc you said you felt nothing from pv dbol and ran it for 4 weeks but felt hutech dbol in 4 days non responder? I think you need to focus on the training and diet a lil more than the drugs! Just saying

    winstrol lmao! ‍♂️
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    Ay, yo! I been trying to get ahold of you player? Just sayin...
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    So it's been 14 days since I paid. I've sent a dozen messages and you don't say what the status of my order is. I've never had this experience with 24hreup before. I don't know what else to do. You said TD is 4 to 14 days. However, you haven't even confirmed whether or not it's shipped. This is ridiculous.
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    And I responded to them sir, I will make sure you are taken care of from @24hreup I sent you another pm just now.
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    Got the pm. Thanks!
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    Packaged arrived today. Everything looks good!
    Thank you @24hreup
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    so it looks
    Like it was shipped even since you got it the next day. Or did he over night it. How long were you waiting for you order less than 14 days??
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    I’m asking because you were complaining yesterday you never heard anything and in less than 24 hours your order was here since you posted unless he shipped it over night.
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    I saw you posted that geno pens are going be gone from the market over in turkey.Anymore info on that at all?
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    Has anyone tested the Hu-tech products or seen lab results? Specifically the orals / or test?
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    Link doesn’t work
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    All pms answered.

    Hope everyone is doing well
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    Hi, that was awhile ago. It was a rumor told from a Pfizer rep that possibly it will no longer be in our catalog because of the shortage of supply material to make the product. However, it seem that didn't become the case because we still can get them from the manufacturer as of now.

    I hope I answered your question and all is well.

    For the website? Here

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    Here's the actual Jano report of the Pharmavol Dbol that was sent for testing if anyone's interested. For the record these were labeled as 20mg tabs.

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    are those the ones you said were junk? And you have 30 years in dieting and training? Is that your current condition in your avi?
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    Yep those were the ones. Stupid me, huh? At least I admit it. And I think I see where you are going with this. I am brand new to AAS and unfortunately my prior training doesn't make me an expert on drugs. Also, 22 yrs of that training were between 1977-1999, so just 8 yrs out of the last 21 and that has been broken up. I've currently been back at it for the past 1yr and 8 months after a 6 yr layoff and half of that was dropping weight. So if you're implying that I don't look like I've trained for 30 yrs take a look at a recent pic of Schwarzeneggar who has way more training under his belt and was way bigger than I ever was.
    That pic of me was from 5/26. I'm around 10 lbs heavier now and about the same bf %. And I'm also 67 yrs old, btw.
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    im Implying that you said you been in the game for 30 years and didn’t know your dbol was working and said it was junk. For 67 keep up the hard work but to tell people it was no good just because how it felt had me kinda wondering because most of us who have taken gear can Kinda tell when something we are taking is kicking in or the sides. I’m not here to bash anyone it’s not who I am but your first post made it seem like you had lots of knowledge in the training and drugs.

    I’m not sticking up for this source I’ve never ordered from them but it’s like the other guy the other day for this same source said he was so pissed his pack wasn’t there in 4-14 days Came on here and was all pissed then the very next day he post order is here! Thank you!
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    Yes. I've already admitted to being a dumbass and have apologized. The fact is I didn't respond like I expected and made an assumption. My bad.
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    Yeah that's crazy you weren't responding to 100 mg. Dbol lol. I remember the first time I ran it at 20 mg. After a few days I could feel I was on. Strength stated increasing and after two weeks I could see changes in physique. Crazy how a body responds (or lack thereof) on your case.
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    Yeah well I was definitely seeing some changes but they were subtle and not typical of what others report from Dbol. But I was also pinning 600mg of test cyp so it's kind of impossible to tell which was doing what. But from that much you'd think you'd get at least a nasty side or two. I posted earlier that it almost seemed like it was a different drug, which got a condescending 'lmao' from someone, but when you get results that are more like increased fat burning and vascularity which seem to be the opposite of what others experience what are you supposed to think. I mean, it's not like there's ugls out there that don't substitute drugs :^ /