Be clear: sterile filtration will NOT remove coronaviruses from finished or semi-finished gear.

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    you know this virus isnt as dangerous as the flu, right?
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    And that's for NATURALLY OCCURRING coronaviruses.

    This one has been man-modified to make it deadlier, more contagious or both.
    While we commoners don't know the details yet, it makes sense to think that they modified it to last longer outside living beings.

    While not 100% man-made, it has been man-modified to be used as a bioweapon.

    Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It?

    In layman terms, you can think of naturally occurring testosterone being chemically modified to become the more powerful Mibolerone (Cheque drops).
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    Yes, great points
  4. Well China has a long history of being the starting point for many diseases, the plague, various influenza strains like avian flu, the last Chinese coronavirus SARS and the new Chinese coronavirus covid-19. So I wouldn’t be shocked that another new disease has started there, and it’s not necessarily new it just probably jumped from animal to human.

    Btw no offense to Chinese people, just saying a lot of diseases originated there.
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    If you think about it, they are the ones who make most US pharmaceuticals. You don’t think it’s a coincidence that all these diseases are starting there? Also, new stories coming to light of a Harvard professor being recently arrested with ties to Wuhan along with two of his Chinese “students.” Also, have you ever looked into the patents the US holds on viruses and plagues? Why is it so hard to fathom that these corrupt governments aren’t using biological warfare to thin the herd?
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    From October 1st 2019 through Feb 1st 2020 at least 12000 people have died from the flu in the USA. 290,000 to 600,000 people die a year worldwide from the flu. Why are we freaking out over the coronavirus?
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    For the record, characterizing this virus as man-made is significantly detracting from the thread. Look at all of the attributes being applied to this virus because of the incorrect assumption that this is a deep state weaponized product that escaped in some chinese dude's skoobie doo lunch box.
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  8. There’s no way any human concocted the plague 800 years ago. Of course anything is possible I just don’t think purposely using a virus is the wisest way to ”thin out the herd” as it can come back to bite the those responsible for it. If there was such a goal there are probably better ways to do it.
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    We are talking abt a race of ppl that buy dead fetuses from markets and think it's a delicacy. I doubt this virus is man made. It comes from dirty people who thrive in filth. But with that being said, maybe I'll stick with just my TRT until this shit clears up.

    On another note, anyone seen the cost of cruises lately? For a little more than you would pay for a steak dinner you could buy a cruise ticket rt now, haha
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    No, the plague wasn’t man made back then, but governments holding patents on them now leads me to believe they can and are manipulated in labs to become weaponized.
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    So a super secret weaponization program took the time to detail their scheme to the US patent and trademark office? lol

    You a flat-earther, too?

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    I know it’s hard, being a liberal and all, but try to use your brain to realize that there are agendas out there which have been in place for YEARS to depopulate the earth. K? K.
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    You’re deluded kid
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    So are you. If you dare to expand your narrow mind, maybe look into UN Agenda 21 for starters.
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    You’re paranoid and prone to unscientific conclusions. Why would anyone listen to you and your crazy assertions

    UN Agenda 21 has zero to do with killing off people. Zero.
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    Keep drinking the Kool Aid, lib.
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    Ha. Look whose making shit up outta thin air. How typical.

    You’re clearly a paranoid delusional. Pretty common. They rant and rave a lot spouting nonsense
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    So it's official. Fox news is reporting a spike in coronavirus State side and it's directly attributable to the importation of anabolic raws. Wtf guys, way to kill off 'Merica.
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    It’s in the Anabolic section of UN Agenda 21 hahaha. Clearly printed. Also detailed in the USPTO as a patent. Lol.

    oh man. Someone has to be blisteringly stupid to go down that crazy road.
  20. Your shitting me show me a link? I’m starting to boil just when this community is starting to become man stream boom set backs like this. I really hope the bodybuilding and fitness start to blow up with the new direction of The Olympia and Athleticon.
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