Be clear: sterile filtration will NOT remove coronaviruses from finished or semi-finished gear.

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by master.on, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. MindlessWork

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    So why all the fearmongering here @master.on ?
  2. Villain

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    Hey, stick with your CNN bud - whatever keeps your head in the sand and keeps you happy. BTW - Trump 2020!
  3. NorthMich

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    Sorry you can’t engage in facts kid.

    you’re quick to puke up serious sounding conspiracies, but when it’s pointed out they have no merit you resort to schoolyard childish uneducated behavior.

    How typical. You should see a therapist before this gets worse and you have even fewer job options

    Idiots like you believe the earth is flat, too.
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  4. Gbro

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    Guys, I would hold off on eating that Chinese pussy for a while. Just saying
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  5. Villain

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    How about you post up some facts disproving it, dipshit? all I hear is your “logic” with zero facts as well.

    And is that all you have is a flat earth accusation? Get your liberal head out of your ass, fuckstick.

    for the record, no, I DON’T believe the earth is flat. Anything else dumb ass?
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  6. Villain

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    You want to talk about needing counseling - you’re the dumb ass who thought Hillary would be a great president lmao
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  7. NorthMich

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    I’m a registered republican. I voted for trump

    any more fun thoughts, kid?

    I read up on the UN resolution. Too bad you never have. A shame you reference it with no working knowledge of it. You simply parrot what you read on some conspiracy site.

    it’s like you scream Santa is real, and then demand someone produce proof he doesn’t exist.

    Small minded child
  8. Villain

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    Hmm, registered Republican who voted for Trump? That may be more believable if you weren’t liking every single one of Scally’s anti-Trump posts. Must be a Romney/McCain Republican.
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  9. NorthMich

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    Doesn’t mean I like the job he’s doing

    Do you always change the subject when you’re uncomfortable or found to be wrong? That seems to be how you operate. I assume that’s a learned response before you dropped out of school.

    tell us more about this virus you know so much about. Or US patents on virus technologies. Or maybe tell us where the deluded conspiracy about the UN originated.

    face it kid. You’re ignorant
  10. ickyrica

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    was just playing, killing time. :D

    why the move north? The shame finally caught up with you so you left town? What part of new Hampshire are you infecting? I want to warn all my friends about a sandbox loving muppet that is lurking around playgrounds and boy scout meetings.
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  11. Villain

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    I couldn’t care less about some moron RINO and what you think. Like I said - you haven’t proven shit either and since you’re making such a huge deal out of it, the onus of proof would fall on you. But of course all you have is your logic. Try looking into things a little more than getting your news from CNN or mainstream media and you might find your eyes opened. Otherwise, you’re a typical sheep headed to the slaughter.
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  12. NorthMich

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    You are so dumb. Jesus H.

    you spout total bullshit and offer zero proof. That’s a clear sign you’re dim witted. Then you jump up and down changing the subject.

    you’re a joke with shoes little one.
  13. Villain

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    And your claim of “proof” is “I’ve read Agenda 21” with nothing else. You sir, are a fucking clown. Typical liberal.
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  14. NorthMich

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    You’re so full of shit. You don’t even have any working knowledge of what you present as “proof.”

    then someone examines your “evidence” and you’re mad. What a little man you are. A dumbass conspiracy theorist. That’s all you are. No facts. Just bullshit
  15. Villain

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    What exactly have you presented? Oh yes ah - NOTHING. Pot calling the kettle black. Look shitneck - you and I can go back and forth. You think I’m full of shit and I think you’re full of shit. The very things you accuse me of, you’re doing the same. You can talk your shit like a little man and say “couldn’t hang?” When in reality, I’m just tired of the same old round about with you. You haven’t proven shit, I haven’t proven shit - it’s unfruitful. Have a good day.
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  16. NorthMich

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    You asked that I read the UN resolution

    I read it

    It contains nothing whatsoever about population control and releasing viruses. You said it did. You lied.
  17. Villain

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    Read between the lines. Do you honestly believe the UN has our best interests in mind?
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  18. Villain

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    Do you understand that this is like an onion, with so many layers? Have you looked into the GA Guidestones which speak of whittling the earth’s population down to 500,000,000? No, you wouldn’t think to look to other sources and do the math because you’re a typical sheep who is one dimensional. People like you will be the first to go.
  19. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    Oh I’m sorry. So there’s more that I should read up on besides the UN resolution that contained nothing you described?

    Geez, I hope I’m not being lied to again
  20. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    Georgia Guidestones - Wikipedia

    And how does this relate to the UN resolution? Oh wait, it doesn’t. You consider that a “source?” Some anonymous piece of sculpture?

    you’re one dumbass