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  1. bikelifeNsauce

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    Posted in the old thread before but... Whats up, I’ll be posting some bloods for the Pareto lab I did.. ones from a while ago of my gh levels on 30mg mk677 and 2 tests are recent of my total and free T on 1cc test e 1x/week. Lmk what y’all think.

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  2. 3ml

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    The GH that GH serum?
  3. bikelifeNsauce

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    Umm I think so, I just asked for a growth hormone blood test so im guessing its growth hormone serum in my blood.. yes ?
  4. 1500club

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    This is just from their Nutrobal??? The GH level
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  5. bikelifeNsauce

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    Yeah... my normal levels were around 2.3-2.5 so the 30mg MK (2 pills empty stomach before bedtime) more than tripled my levels lol.
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  6. 3ml

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    Ya I think it is serum, it’s not crazy high compared to taking growth but still decent it would be interesting to see your igf level change
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  7. Did the MK at bedtime give you any noticeable difference in the quality of your sleep?
  8. bikelifeNsauce

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    For some reason my gh levels came lower on actual gh :S but my igf1 levels were good... I posted those bloods on a diff thread on meso you can search for :)
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  9. bikelifeNsauce

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    Yeah it did, slept much deeper and fell asleep faster. Big difference tbh, but not like those injectable gh coma naps but still deeper sleep than normal, especially noticed a difference with trensomnia
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  10. Good stuff bikelife your transparency is appreciated now new customers can make an informed decision. The numbers are on the high side for sure considering the low dose. I run bloodwork regularly and thats impressive. If you add some Proviron the free test numbers would be even higher.
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    You know, I always thought of MK677 as sort of bullshit until I saw this post. Super appreciative of your efforts to test yourself man, you have sold me on MK

    Insane results
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    Did someone already try clomid from pareto ? Any feedback ? I bought some from a other compagny and it was flour lol
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