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    Am I even in the right thread
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    Is this america
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    Is this canada
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    What is the meaning of life
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    Can one of y'all breastfeed me
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    Oh God....not another Venom Pharma incident!
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    Hey there,

    We have new items!

    Please Contact


    for more info and a full list.

    Here are the updates

    Pareto RAD - 140 (Testolone) (10mg/tab, 60 Tab)
    Pareto LGD - 4033 (Ligandrol) (5mg/tab, 60 Tab)
    Pareto SR9009 (Stenabolic) (10mg/tab, 60 Tab)

    Pareto Anavar (5 mg 60 Tab )
    Pareto DHB 75mg/ml
    Pareto Winstrol suspension 50mg/ml

    Pareto Helios 50 tablets (50 mg caffeine, 2.5 mg albuterol, 2.5 mg Yohimbine)
    clen Pen 33 mcg per Spray 80 Spray

    Pareto Accutane 20 mg 50 tablets
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    Would love to try this lab ,wrote 3 mails from protonmail still no answer been a week
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    send an e-mail to he is good with me
  11. I first contacted the original email and the same thing. I then was able to acquire both reps emails around the same time so I contacted both and did a trial run with both reps. I just found I got quicker replies, tracking quicker, more assortment of product, and just an overall better experience with one of them, not to say the other was shit, but one guy stood out. If you want a reply try emailing
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  12. I have to agree I also contacted both and was lightening quick but best of all I got access to certain items pareto1 did not carry like TP's infamous blacktops and Mauvetops gh. For someone just beginning to indulge in gh and getting the very best domestically it was a no brainer. Enjoy the supermans and Ironmans too MESO juice heads if you hit up paretopharma they are quite something if anyone has aspirations to be an amateur porn star lol.
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    I know they carry black tops but not Mauvetops..
  14. Yeah since TP jacked up the specs on the Mauvetops they ate gaining a lot of notoriety lately and PP has whatever is in stock at any given time.
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    Lightning fast responses, messed up a bit but he was patient with me. The rep was very very helpful. Very excited to try their stuff
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    At the end i got anwer everything went smooth ,shipping ,payment got stuff in two days so I need to say 5 stars for them:)
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    Does it rank up there with when you got a GI Joe with the kung fu grip?

    Well be sure to add this review to their Yelp page. Thxs
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    Hey guys just joined today so I wanna make it clear I’m not shilling! I’ve been running Pareto for a few months just cruising atm. Just wanted to say they are very professional and easy to deal with! I’m happy with their product!
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  19. What have you used of Pareto?
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    I’ve used their test e mast e adex ... just picked up proviron to add to my cruise and some cialis!