Canadian Domestic: Pareto Pharmaceuticals 2017

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ParetoPharma, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Groundfighter

    Groundfighter Member

    I've been out of the game for a bit, good to see Pareto still going strong !!
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  2. EazyE

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    Welcome back!
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  3. BushLeague

    BushLeague Member

    Did you happen to do any bloods with said cycle(s)?
    I lurk, eventually will pull the trigger when Im at that point. Nice to get more infor.
  4. CDNGass

    CDNGass Member

    No I haven’t. That’s why I’m not claiming they are g2g, just sharing my positive experience with them thus far. Coming up to my next blast I will be doing bloods and will gladly share with the community!
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  5. Groundfighter

    Groundfighter Member

    Thanks pal !!!!
  6. MapleSyrup

    MapleSyrup Member

    Has anyone else tried the Pareto DHB

    It is kicking my ass, both in pain and results. The pip is strong but that’s like any base hormone injection.

    I’ve been using 350 mg a week for 3 weeks now, and I would agree it’s similar to tren A dose to dose. But I am not having the sides I am used to with Tren

    Anyone who has used it tho, any tips to lessen pip? Fucking kills my ass lol
  7. WCL

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    Shoot it less deep into the muscle if you can, it helps with the PIP
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  8. FlawlessSet

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    Agreed this does help with DHB PIP.
  9. Cownan

    Cownan Member

    Ive never tried paretos but im sure its as good as everything else. Running this compound before I would run it higher at 4-500mg a week.
  10. I would cut it with a bit of test and warm up the oil under hot tap when it's in barrel.
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  11. 1500club

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    That's a lot of CC to shoot you madman
  12. Munky

    Munky Member

    Hey Pareto brother's , I'm running there clen spray, it's really good if you are into clen, I use 3 sprays under the tounge, I give it 5 stars... You can take it anywhere looks like a breath freshener spray lol
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  13. Munky

    Munky Member

    I just started mk677 it really helps my sleep, and it reduces my anxiety I get a great outlook for life it does have beneficial nootropic effects, it's only been 3 days should I run 30mg a day or is 15mg sufficient, the tabs are 15mg I could run 22.5mg per day 30mg is feeling good
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  14. UpNorth

    UpNorth Member

    30mg of MK677 per day had me asleep at the wheel. I don't get how people can do that
  15. Munky

    Munky Member

    I will try a tab 15mg at bed time, I'm eating a lot, pounding protein haha trying to keep it clean actually, had a great total body workout I definitely felt a little more pop and good pumps, it's only day 4 so I am excited to see after a month or two, want to run mk677 for 3 to 4 months
  16. Cownan

    Cownan Member

    Yeah i used to be crazy alright. I was taking 6cc of gear 3x a week! Now i learned theres better ways to do it but I do beleive with DHB it should be min 4-500mg
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  17. ohdangit

    ohdangit Member

    An update for the 5mg Anavar

    Does what is supposed to. My girl is now the man, she is leaner, and rapes me day and night.

    So thank you?

    Anyway I am coming up on my blast here
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  18. TeamHybex

    TeamHybex Member

    I have found that running MK677 with clen, or albuterol basically cancels out the lethargy / stimulating effects of the drugs. So it's not so bad. You just have to have iron will with hunger urges.
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  19. ohdangit

    ohdangit Member

    Sorry this got cut off and I was doing something else

    Upcoming blast will be

    1000mg Sustanon
    60-80 mg Anavar kickstarter and finish
    Just ordered!
  20. Munky

    Munky Member

    Hey brother's so I take one tab 15mg mk677 bedtime and one tab when morning hits, I find it more better, it helps with sleep and not bad to take during the day at first the lethargic effects were potent but after a week I noticed they weakened I feel good, I also added RAD140 really nice stack with mk677 I take 20mg in the morning notice the pump was awesome and a great feeling of well being, and also 1tab of carderine, running 500mg of testosterone enthanate a week and aromsin 1 tab twice a week, I'm not a chemistry expert but the sarms are incredibly strong and the sides minimal, my breathing feeling better too it's weird, so I'm on sarms for the next few months Lovin the mk 677 , you will also notice it's anti-aging benefits I look younger no shit and feel really really positive, definitely RAD140, mk 677 with testosterone a great stack, the veterans could add tren or deca probably I would be scared to potent , if I can I will see about getting blood work to check IGF 1 levels and GH levels, etc , really a nice change