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    Oh ya constantly eating and my bones feel better, libido great, and it's only been a few days with Rad 140 but a noticeable improvement in strength and endurance, the carderine probably had a punch new to sarms and GH products, thanks Pareto for delivering the best quality I totally trust Pareto in any supplements they put out, 5 Stars.
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    Hey guys, anyone have experience with Pareto Asin and tbol? Especially the Asin, I'm a little hesitant to try ugl AI.

    Going for my second cycle, just a basic 500mg test e for 15 weeks, hcg for last 10 weeks at 500iu per week, tbol kick start for first 5.
  3. You're hesitant because you're smarter than the average first time posters we see here at Meso.

    While Pareto has one hell of a track record and i have no reason to believe their AI's wouldn't follow that same trend, AI's aren't something to skimp on, especially if you're gyno prone.

    Again, nothing against this lab, but personally i would opt for pharma AI's every time, regardless of the lab and only go with UGL if you have pharma on hand as a backup.
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    Thanks for the response, it's not a matter of money. My first cycle was all pharma grade, but my source has moved to another country. So it's more a matter of access. If I had the option for pharma AI, I would jump on it.

    On the bright side, I have enough pharma nolva left over for 6 week 20mg ed pct, and I do have pharma adex (20 1mg tabs) left too, but I want to try asin as I may be a weak responder to adex.
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    I use to run pharma and I stopped bothering with it only using Pareto's.

    Usually I keep some on hand, but I've had no issues with the arimidex at all.
    Have ran the asin but I tend to like arimidex better.
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    Hey guys, for those knowledgeable about injuries and using GH, would you bother stacking Nutrabol and Pharma GH at the same time to speed up recovery? Picked up some Serostim from pareto1 and I have some sarms on hand, don’t know if it would be beneficial when “more is not necessarily better” in some aspects. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Why would you bother using peptides when you can run real GH? Use gh.
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    I would run just the gh at 5-10iu a day. I had a complete bicep tear from the bottom. After the surgery I ran serostim at 10iu a day and was back at it id say 90% within 6 weeks time. If anything run some anabolicum or ostarine in conjunction with the gh
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    I don't see how it could hurt, just keep the dose of Nutrobal low, and see how you feel? I mean it's peanuts compared to real GH for cost.

    Throw up a pic of the Serostims, are they legit?
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    I put up a review before on Pareto here with blood work. Had great results and still using them years later. Buddy of mine started using same gear and these were his bloods on 500mg test but he is using different ai control. Names blacked out for obvious reasons. Sorry if this is wrong section.
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    We cant see the photo did you post it here?
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    upload_2019-7-10_11-6-12.jpeg upload_2019-7-10_11-6-12.jpeg
  13. Just made another order with Pareto1, super easy guy to deal with and it gets to me on time with no complaints from me.
    Next cycle planned is 500mg/week test e and mast e 400mg/week with maybe some var thrown in at the end the week before my last test e and mast e pin.
    He gives a good deal the more you get per order of quality gear with his volume discounts. I’ll continue to be a returning customer.
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    Just got some nutrabol from theres guys. Going to stack it with my current cycle of npp and prop. Last time I was taking 12.5mg before bed on an empty stomach. Got great results. Looking forward to round 2 with this gear
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    I'm running RAD 140 2 tabs a day with one tab mk677 , the Rad 140 a nice edition, test enthanate 1ml a week, also running Pareto carderine nice for cardio , sarms and mk677 are great I definitely like
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    Will the DHB ever be brewed at a higher concentration?

    With all the talk about it, I would be interested to try it at some point, but not at less than 100 mg/ml.

    Even then it’s a lot of oil.
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    Hold up a minute...

    Its either from a pharmacy or it’s not there’s no such thing as pharma “grade” especially not for your whole cycle, every item...

    What do you mean your first cycle was pharma grade? What lab was it? Because you can only buy test and a few orals from pharmacies, so when you say your entire cycle was pharma “grade” does that mean you bought from an underground lab that claims to be pharmacy grade? What was the lab called?

    Labs say that so they can charge a fortune.

    I have a feeling someone got duped by good advertising
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    Does the amount of oil you inject matter though? Not really. Unless your counting it as fat toward your macros lol
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    1 tab of MK or 15mg will be useless. 30-45 minimum