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  1. GBPackers

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    Ok so I’ve been on the TM blend for about a week now and I can already feel it kicking in. I can already tell this will be a favourite of mine!! Smooth injections and barely any pip the next day. And for the price, it’s an amazing deal.

    I ordered from

    The order came 72hr after I ordered it. He even gave me free shipping cuz it was my first time. Order was packed discreetly. I have no complaints
  2. TeamHybex

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    If I take more than 20 mg MK677 per day I am a zombie. What lab do you use for it? That's an insane dosage
  3. GBPackers

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    I won’t throw the lab I use under the bus but I’ll definitely try the Pareto stuff next time I order. I assume all the reps have the same stuff, so I should be able to get it from the guy I got the TM Blend from.

    I usually don’t get tired until I take 45mg per day, maybe the lab I’m using is underdosed. I’ll order some next time I place an order and report back in a month.
  4. ed@mtl

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    running Test C 150-160mg every 6th day. before and after 6wk.

  5. Rosconow

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    When in the day do you dose? Before bed is the best for me. When i dosed in the morning.... zombie time.
  6. 22G

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    How long after your shot did you take bloods ?
  7. Scotian

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    How’s everyone liking the TM mix recently? Not huge fan of mixes but definitely thinking of giving it a go this cycle.
  8. ed@mtl

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    Last shot was on a Saturday (6th wk). Blood was taken on Tuesday.
  9. 22G

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    Nice numbers thanks for sharing. I saw what the owner of Canadian Brawn told you and laughed my ass off. That place is fu*ked don't sweat it.
  10. ed@mtl

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    It’s all good. Each forum has their own set of rules. I was just trying to post my results.
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    Getting my Mk677 here on Monday gonna just stack it with a nice high dose of Test, I've heard so many good things. If anyone has any positive or negatives for me I'd love to hear them. Also interested in how much and at what times of the day with the Pareto stuff :)
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    Hey bros. I just placed order with pareto for first time since I used mission before they got busted then inno. Is I'm guessing this is their email. I seen a few emails floating around that's why I ask .
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  13. WCL

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    Those are some good numbers, appreciate the post sir
  14. Paul86

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    Send an email to I have ordered many times from him. Always good with communication and gone above my expectations. One time he threw in another test prop just for being one day late sending out my order, which wasn't a big deal to me
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  15. Partetopharma is the right guy to deal with. Way more options on his list than the others, including growth hormone and some lesser known exotics. He sends free items to me, even on my small orders and replies super fast, sometimes within seconds. I have used the other labs and the other reps and this guy slays them all. You're in good hands.
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  16. Steve84

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    Sooo 2 weeks ago I had surgery....

    I picked up a kit of Citadels from pareto1.
    Just talked to him today.... He has a new generic, Optitropins!

    There should be a new thread coming soon... and a release but he said it was okay to post up.

    Exciting news!!!!
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  17. Nissan

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    You ok there buddy?!
  18. Steve84

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    About a year ago I started getting cysts all over.
    Not sure if it's from the extra oil going into my body or my shitty skin.
    I've more so only been running trt this year, hoping it subsides.

    Not sure why though

    Nothing serious, just pain to deal with.
  19. EazyE

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    Are these cysts technically what would be called melanomas? Basically non cancerous growths of tissue just below the skin surface. There really is no known cause and they are harmless. But they are annoying. I have a couple. Doc says I can have them removed if I want. At any rate, hopefully your recovery is speedy and all is good moving forward.
  20. Steve84

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    Maybe sounds right!

    The cause they told me was from collapsed hair follicles. Big pain and not fun.
    This recovery went awesome!

    Blasted like 8-10iu's for the last 2 weeks. Cuts look almost perfect.
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