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  1. 1500club

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    Don’t take too much, you’ll become a sleeping giant, with only enough energy to eat. Real MK677 just destroy your energy
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  2. sixfoot6

    sixfoot6 Member

    If you run trt dose test and blast this it’s insane.

    Just watch your hairline. I can’t really do mast or winny my widows peak recedes by the day
  3. GBPackers

    GBPackers Junior Member

    Love it, I’ll never use just tren ace by itself again so long as this mix is around at such a good price
  4. I've never tried their TM but looks like I will now. Why not just mix tren and mast seperately. Does this product have something different
  5. CanuckBR

    CanuckBR Member

    Not really, same thing, just cheaper and less pins
  6. Scotian

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    The less pins is definitely the selling point for me lol, the less pins the better.
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  7. 1500club

    1500club Member

    There is something to be said about running 700 tren A, 700 Mast P at 1cc daily. That's why people say it's insane, because you are taking so much drugs lol

    I support this 1cc/day lifestyle, btw
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  8. DescartesBreh

    DescartesBreh Junior Member

    How the hell do people's bodies survive that much exogenous hormone?
  9. 1500club

    1500club Member

    I don't think 1400mg a week, with say 250mg test e is too crazy. I have seen coworkers on the rigs running 4cc T400 without even really training, for endless amounts of time.

    Are they doing OK internally? I am not sure
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  10. DescartesBreh

    DescartesBreh Junior Member

    It's entirely a gamble, as genetic predisposition likely plays a significant part in one's ability to maintain a viable internal health status. If it's as damaging as alcohol is, then choosing one "vice" over the other seems to be a viable route
  11. Groundfighter

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    I grabbed some goodies from Pareto and once again the customer service was second to none. I'm cruising on some Test, all Pareto gear and feel fucking amazing. Incredible sense of well being, sex is amazing with my wife of 22 years. I did get blood work and will be reviewing the results with my doctor next Wednesday. Life's good boys and girls !! thumbnail_20190905_105726.jpg
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  12. Groundfighter

    Groundfighter Member

    I forgot to mention that every single time I do a TRT run, things get out of hand. Like my dosages, they always seem to go up up up throughout my cycle !! Not this time. I kept it at one shot (250mg) every 6 days instead of 7 and boom !!!! MAGIC !! NO AI, just one nolvadex per day.
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  13. BigTriple

    BigTriple Junior Member

    What is your prescribed TRT dose? 250 is high for TRT no?

    The packaging looks way better than when I used Pareto for the viagra, looks cool man
  14. CanuckBR

    CanuckBR Member

    I cruise at 250 cyp a week, I'm ok with this dose
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  15. BigTriple

    BigTriple Junior Member

    Is this prescribed, or just chosen? Dr got me on 150 a week
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  16. Steve84

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    I was cruising on 250/week.
    My test was pretty high, but all my blood profiles/cholesterol returned to normal levels.

    Soo I don't think it's all bad either.
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  17. CanuckBR

    CanuckBR Member

    No, just chosen, I played around from 150 to 300 and found out 250 is ok to me, I believe it's a bit high, but I few ok and my blood work is fine, well, I haven't done blood for test in a while, but it's all good for all the standard lvls

    Só I keep it on 1ml every Monday, hehe, I'm lazy
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  18. MapleSyrup

    MapleSyrup Member

    Just got my mail today. Time to shred up for halloween :cool:


  19. CDNGass

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    Nice haul bro! Love these guys definitely my go to lab. New satchels lookin crisp, let me know how you like the Winny