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  1. Nissan

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    There are a couple of labs out there who brew (or at-least claim) at 100mg/ml.
    It is notorious for crashing at higher concentrations!
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  2. Rosconow

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    Not that i used the combo for "recovery", just to see how the two compounds worked together. 2 iu generic gh and 22.5mg mk for about 6 months, worked great.
    Actually couldn't wait to get off though... hands were so numb, could't do anything that required fine motor skills. Lol.
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  3. Jankauskas

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    I just don’t feel like pinning more than 5 ccs of dhb alone per week
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  4. Stk

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    Pack just landed from pareto, happy with the customer service of fast turn around and good communication the TM 101 looks a to be the right tren colour

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  5. Steve84

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    This product is deadly. It's actually one of the ones that got me hooked on pareto...
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  6. Nissan

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    TM 101?
  7. CanuckBR

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    tren a and mast p, I also like it a lot, can't handle the tren mental sides, this one in a lower dose for me works quite well and give me no mental sides, at least nothing too heavy
  8. Nissan

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    Ahh... I see. Thanks!
  9. Cownan

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    Yeah man. The sarms are pretty sick from these guys
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  10. GBPackers

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    I'm going to have to place an order and try this stuff, I was going to just use tren Ace but the blend sounds better, I'll report back in a few weeks.
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  11. ZiTo

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    Thumbs up on Pareto!
    Package landed within few days, communication was great, usually take just few mins for response. Received 1 extra vial of tren along with my order. Didn't try the products yet, but so far so good!
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  12. So... This is a review of the T/A? Wow. Thanks. :D:p

    Just messing with you, bud. From everything i've read about this lab, you got some quality gear in your hands, go heavy, go hard and grow, brother!
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  13. DFed

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    Hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster (which I know I’ll take some heat for).

    This is my second cycle. First cycle was a simple 500mgs/week x 12 weeks, Test C. Basic pct, Nova 40:40:20:20. Not a Pareto product.

    Second cycle is, Test E 750 mgs/week x 10 weeks. Test Prop 175mgs eod x 4 weeks to finish with a short ester. Nova will be more of a 40:40:20:20:20:20 this time around. Anadrol 50mg/day mid cycle(Weeks 6,7,8, and 9). Increased strength when body is primed to grow. hcg 250ius/2x week.

    I wanted to give everyone the proper info so they can make their own judgements and be reassured I’m not some troll trying to diss a brand. I was super optimistic about Pareto due to this thread, all these great reviews. The only
    product I purchased from them was the Test E, which I’m currently running and have been running for 5 weeks.

    At about week three I emailed the rep and told him I was have some crippling pip and asked if anyone else had experienced this as I hadn’t in my previous cycle. Every injection site is sore for about 5-6 days after, red with a hard bubble under the skin. I know what you’re thinking, poor technique. My girlfriend, a nurse is doing the injections. I have ruled out any technique issues or sterilization issues before messaging him, because that’s on me. He replied saying he couldn’t help.

    Fast forward to week 5, no weight increase and no sign of any side affects. Diet is in check. Blood levels come back, and there is no increase is test levels. Being Canadians, many of you know it isn’t easy getting your hands on blood tests. So when I told my doc I was having all the low test E sides in order to get blood work done, he was pleasantly surprised when my levels were all within the normal range, I wasn’t.

    I’m not here to shit on anyone, I’m just a. Looking for advice moving forward and b. Really disappointed as it is hard to find a good brand, and with all the great reviews I was optimistic about Pareto. The prop I’m finishing with is from a different lab, so fingers crossed.
  14. PIP isn't always related to technique. It can be the result of several factors. You can get PIP with pharma Test. That shit is mysterious as fuck sometimes.

    Where is the blood work and why haven't you submitted it to the source? i'm sure if there's a legitimate problem, they'd like to know.
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  15. MapleSyrup

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    So you got painful test e, that was actually just grape seed oil?

    Which one is it lol

    What rep did you use, what other forum did you come from as this is your first post

    Strong everything
  16. DFed

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    Well, I never once mention grape seed oil, because as a matter of fact the vial states cottonseed oil. So before you try and discredit me. I’ve stated my experience and I’m actually looking for help as to how to better my experience going forward, I said I wasn’t looking to shit on anyone or any brand. Just looking for some help going forward.

    Not every gear head lives on forums.
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  17. MapleSyrup

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    Was just wondering where all the painful test e went from your body if it turned out to be fake

    You see what I’m saying. What rep did you buy it from who told you to he wouldn’t replace it?

    You seemed to not answer that one either... they are all public
  18. DFed

    DFed Junior Member

    The rep I’ve been dealing with got in contact with me and rectified the situation. He helped immensely. Replaced the Test E with Test C and asked that I keep him informed as to how everything is going. He really went above and beyond. This guy acted with professionalism and class, something I really appreciate when it comes to dealing with a ugl.

    Class act on Paretos part and I’m very appreciative.
  19. Glad everything worked out dfed. Pareto and professionalism go hand in hand which is why many guys were bit baffled. Best of luck with rest of the cycle.
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  20. Brontoman

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    20190809_151635.jpg Hello people, Pareto has come through again! I ordered on a Saturday of the long weekend and I got my gear yesterday. Service is great. Test C is my go to for lifestyle/sports rec test but I have never used TNT before. Let's see how it go's.
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