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  1. I'm trying their Helios right now just 1 tab in the AM. I'm hot all day but then again it's likely the TM101 combo. By the way if any1 ever has issues with tren sides specifically lack of hunger and that shitty feeling in your gut where you feel like food is not digesting I've found the fix and it had me back to normal withing 2 days. Besides lowering dose and upping the water from what I've researched and now applied accurately it's Glutamine thats the answer. Tren is so toxic it depletes the glutamine and pulls it from your stomach lining. I took 20 grams in the AM and same before bed and also drank a warm glass of water with bit of apple cider vinegar at some point in day. Feeling great and with Paretos tren I think 350mg weekly is ample. I was at 500 range on TM101 when the sides hit me. Now I just add a little mast prop to the mix since no need for extra tren.
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    I missed the issue about the over dosed Anavar but I’m all caught up and I can’t believe people actually lost their shit to THAT extent over some strong anavar

    I’ll take peoples over dosed anavar tho lol
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    Haha yeah I'd rather overdosed then underdosed anyday
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    Pareto is more than half the traffic for SSTs Canadian section... the only other quality operation there is PGA for his pharma grade items.

    There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and there’s great incentive to usurp Pareto from their position, even if it’s banning them for adding extra Anavar to their tablets or whatever happened.
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  5. Right over both of your heads.
    Good job.

    If it wasn't a big deal, Pareto wouldnt have addressed it and ensured nothing like that would happened again, they would have gone "Full Bro" like you guys and rejoiced at the strong Var.

    The Pareto letter was classy as fuck

    As for SST, that place is 100% pure eye cancer.
    I cant even read that place.

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    the mates over at cjm also saying Pareto doing this. I was under impression they are not open source like sst? maybe both boards are run by same outfit behind the scenes
    Pareto on sst
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    You can’t put hyper links in posts, especially to a shit head board like that.

    @Millard Baker can you clean this up
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    Canadian Juice Monsters is owned by the labs they promote. They are not affiliated with SST it’s apples and oranges.

    go on CJM for 5 minutes and I bet you can tell what labs are owned by who. I can not believe that law enforcement hasn’t busted them yet.
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    And here is the hilarious thing. Through all the drama...

    Has Pareto in its years and years of operation ever really had issues?

    The one issue they have is someone tests a thick tablet and it comes back too strong? Not underdosed but overdosed? Like fuck me, talking about grasping at straws for any reason to attack the big dogs.
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    I have to admit I was ready to jump on these guys damn fast when I saw everything go down. The response of the owner just proves how transparent and professional his organization is. It seems very politically based what happened. Like I mentioned in a different post I notice another canadian lab that was involved in much worse things here was basically left untouched there. I really question the motives of boards. People can talk all the shit they want about meso but this is the one place where ALL labs are kept honest by the members of the board not the owners of the board. The three boards y’all Canadians got to choose from have lab owners running their boards, it’s quite sad and dishonest, but at the same time it’s probably a very lucrative business. I can’t speak on steroid source talk but I see very questionable things going on over there too.
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    We need another Venom lab to remind us who to spend time to rip on.

    Or CDNDA.
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    Oh no please.
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  13. Well, looks like Pareto has been reinstated back on SST.

    Mods posted last night on Pareto's thread opening them back up and commending Pareto for reaching out and explaining everything.
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    Knew it wouldn't be long pareto has build a really good name, the outrage from pareto clients more so then pareto could cause backlash on SST which would encourage them to reinstate.
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    So all this drama was for no reason?

    this site is better than Jerry Springer
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  16. I think the mods really thought something was going on with Pareto, investigated and came to a conclusion that happened to be wrong.

    Pareto reached out, explained everything, the mods realized they fucked up and opened it back up.
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    The odd slightly overdosed product isn’t the big issue here, the issue is transparency, something that MESO as a community demands, the fact that a rep edited the results to hide the issue. I’m happy to see that I’m getting my moneys worth, if not more. But letting a rep edit test results with out bringing it up as a major issue isn’t a good habit to get in to, no matter how popular or trustworthy the lab.
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    If you knew how to read English properly you’d realize no rep edited the tests results. Not only the owner but the admin at meso have posted EXACTLY what happened so I’d suggest you fuck off with your fake news. The rep is at SST and did NOT edit the report.
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    With my fake news? Jano Confirmed the report is edited, the OWNER of Pareto confirmed the report WAS EDITED. I like the products and I use them consistently, not bashing the lab, I’m explaining why not blowing this up is a slippery slope. It’s out of principle.
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    Yes and you said the rep edited the report, so show us all where ANYONE says specifically the rep edited the report?