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    I’ll take that to the chin and agree I’m wrong saying the “rep edited the report”. That still doesn’t nullify the point of my original response, or suffice a response like that from you, explaining why that report was an issue. The fact that a report on their products was edited and even posted, and was proven to be edited, was a big cause for concern, who knows what other products could have been not properly dosed. The owner rectified the issue, and a big props to him for it, he handled it as best we could ask. I’m not here trying to cause drama or bullshit with a UGL I like, or you as a member man just want to make that clear.
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    image.jpg Just posted some blood work in another thread, thought I would post test here

    this is 150mg a week Pareto Test E.

    Free test 896
    Test 21.5

    Also ran 12.5 mg aromasin a day and 60mg Anavar, hence the high free test given the total test.

    Identical to my script. Well Higher free test because of the aromasin and Anavar.

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  3. Why take aromasin on trt dose test?
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    good question. I thought maybe the Anavar would make my estrogen jump which it didn’t and I just crashed my estrogen instead

    I was like fuck why is this Anavar killing my sex drive

    suprise I have no estrogen and a ton of free test
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    aromasin can kill you 2e, I had some issues with it in the past, I only use arimidex as ai when I feel I need it today
  6. Its best not to use an AI unless necessary. Too many guys hinder their gains by taking it as insurance. Unless your sensitive or running at least 500mg test most guys don't need it. I read a good article on this topic at cjm while back
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    yeah man.

    switched to 30mg tren a a day to really continue this pattern of self harm with vascularity

    using the citadel tren a, look like mud lol
  8. What you mean mud. Citadel tren is brown?
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    Isn’t this a Pareto thread :rolleyes:
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  10. That's what I was thinking but I guess we all entitled to use what we wish. Why you on citadel bro are you strapped for cash
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    I only have my syringes as I’m travelling but it’s just rusty

    that and the yohimbine is shredding me

    I’ve been in the W 2 weeks, so broke

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    I take 6.25 aromasin every other day on my trt. I have to due to sensitivity. Too many heavy carbs or sugar makes my nips pop right away. Sucks but is what it is
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    How long do you leave those insulin syringes full of tren ace? Have you ever seen what the oil does to the ink on the syringe? Might be safer to not leave them in there
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    I don’t usually like to write reviews about labs here because for the most part we have really good ones but I have to give credit to Pareto this time.
    I've made many purchases from them over the past 4 years and I must say that these guys don’t fuck around with costumer service. I had an emergency and the rep got back at me instantly and was able to help me out without hesitation, I had my stuff within a day! Having said that I used all their products for my entire contest prep without any problems.
  15. I should write a review about you as a member bro. If any1 needs any tips and advice qban is the man who took the time out to assist a fellow member. Appreciate the help bro
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    Do we have any bros in Halifax ?
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    Yes we do officer set_it_off199017
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    Any time brother that’s why we are all here for To help each other.
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    Really looking for some good spots while traveling over the next year or so. Mainly a good gym and restruants
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    Pareto winny suspension , kick ass , nice endurance, intensity and no pip , or joint issue, draws up super fast, doesn't crystallize, I did a total body workout usually I'm toast , but on the winny suspension I went and did hitt sprints, then laps in the pool, I was skipping my way out the gym like a little kid , did another hour cardio after 4 hours, , I stacked it with test prop 1ml separate syringes one in each hip , veins were really popping out , my libido went up as well after that night , I was using it a couple times a week, if you want to break a barrier I recommend this product, and good till the last drop no sludge left , 5 stars, it just really amplifies my intensity and focus, great for energy sports hockey or kick boxing
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