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    I’m using another labs yohimbine/nootropic formula, and have used helios, clen yohimbine dmaa extensively in the past. I will say that telling a first timer to try two tabs, especially from a lab known for its product quality is a little wreck less. I’m a long time vet in the game of steroid use and one tab of yohimbine gives me insomnia. You don’t react the same as I do and how do you know this member will react the same?
    @MouthfulOfClouds try a half a tab in the morning to start and gauge your tolerance. I’m an insomniac this week on this stuff.
    @Munky I’m not beating you up but think a bit before you hand out advice, I’m sure you wouldn’t feel too great if this guy had a jammer from taking 4 helios tabs.
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    The caffeine is 220mg at 4 tabs so.that alone is strong , I apologize start with one , it's not like your dropping acid or anything if you like preworkout supplements and stimulants this product is for you
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    Definitely don't stack with anything if you really want to check your tolerance, every one is different some people can't handle stimulants some can't get enough, definitely helios better than anything you get at a local supplement shop a good price as well.
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    Drink tons of water of course , thankyou again I apologize for my post, cheers bud!
  5. Sounds advice.
    Some guys react well, some dont.

    I remember back when ECA was huge... I was popping that shit like it was going out of style.
    Some guys couldnt even handle 50% of my dose.

    Other compounds just fuck me up at the smallest dosage.
    For example, little but of winnie... and I'm crawling around because my joints are so dry and painful.
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    the helios has you wired!!!!!

    good stuff
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    I think all the politics regarding Pareto are bullshit. I've been ordering from him for almost 3 years now, and my go to along with one other only becaus P doesn't carry certain items. He's always been exceptional with customer service and goes above and beyond to make every odeering experience top shelf, just as his products are. I've tired about 90% of his items at least once and although it may not be the cheapest lab the the prices are fair when you take into account the products have never seemed underdosed and in a game where the majority of other labs products fluctuate so often I think a few bucks more for the peace of mind is not asking for much when you add in the service provided. He has never been short or treated me as just some everyday "customer". thumbnail_IMG_37621.jpg that's a picture of my last received order on Wednesday, all intact and never fails to throw in something extra which is always wicked. With all the positive reviews that Pareto gets and has and the countless lifetime customers hes gained me being one of them, I highly doubtful that he needs to waste his time making up "fake news"
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    That’s a nice inventory of products. I agree that Pareto doesn’t need to set up shills or spread fake news. They have a large market share and have earned a good reputation.
  9. Pretty nice stash there sitting on top of the first stove ever built. Glass top, bro! Get with the times. :D
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    I was one of the fist members here to use Pareto openly, and I got slammed at the beginning for being so shill like. I fucking love their products, that's it, plain and simple. I posted a thread in the picture section back in 2014 and now they exploded. I will continue using their products no problem.
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    Does bloodwork get posted on this thread? I did't look back through the 88 pages ;-) Thanks.
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    What y'all don't like my stove ?! Retros in didn't ya know lol. Maybe I'll get a nice glass top instead of doing a spring time blast... Nah. I'm not sure if bloods are posted in this exact thread I too don't feel like fishing around through 88 pages, there is however numerous other threads with bloods posted for Pareto on many other boards as well. Sad how well established labs get dragged down by shady politics and called out on shit that isn't even so, this game is dog eat dog where too many sub par labs do anythin n everythin to make a buck which is why these guys have been my go to for the past couple years, the transparency is nice for a change...
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    Posted bloods a few pages back it's a long post with me rating a few of their products.

    11/10 would use again.
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    Just a question regarding the tren ace, first time i ran paretos i did like 75 mg eod and i was somewhat fine aside from insomnia. But then last summer i tried to do low test high tren 100 mg eod and in 1 week i was getting hives all over my body and it was unbearable. I would wake up itchy during the night and it bothered me so much at work i just stopped the tren. Now im wondering maybe just maybe if i try 50 mg eod it shouldnt get like it did again but im kind of scared im allergic to something in the tren. But if i was wouldnt my body get a reaction from day 1?
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    Any plans on cialis @ 5mg? Thats a nice dose for BP, BPH and pumps.
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    On my last order I received 100 10mg. Was easy enough to split in half
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    My last price list only offers 20mg?
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    Just ask your rep, may be carrying both.
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    Same here , i recieve 100x 10mg , with a line in the middle , very easy to split
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    Also if your running tren and stack helios that will really get you sweaty, just all by themselves helios are a great addition to anyone into fatburners etc, once again these products are much more effective with a super clean diet, and a caloric deficiency, if u eat lots of fast foods and drink beer and that lifestyle , it doesn't matter what you gear you run ,unless your a genetically modified freak nothing will work for fat loss, unless your super experience do not try stacking clen or anything hard core with helios, pareto carderine I would recommend if u don't like a strong stimulant effect