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    Yeah I don’t know if you can honestly say any gear actually cuts fat, per se. different compounds may assist in better nutrient uptake and utilization by your body, but overall cutting fat is a matter of diet and training/cardio to achieve a slight caloric deficit. Compounds like tren, clen, Primo, Var and Halo all have specific uses in a cutting cycle. My take on it anyway.....
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    Id say diet is 90%. Its funny how many people think thees these magic pills that give you a six pack. Even situps do fuck all. Smaller more frequent meals, watch calories, watch carb intake.
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    Wow man , like I totally love halotestin, my max bench press up 25 pounds, all my personal bests I shattered in my total body workout, I only ran 10mg halotestin and in 15 min I could feel the insane energy, and I was dead tired haha , I got a great feeling of control and confidence, I worked out with authority , was really focused, my veins were full and the pump was awesome , I felt like a wrestling star walking out into the gym lol this stuff gave me this sense of complete belief in myself , it has a great nootropics effect, and I had a feeling of not being hungry after it was really an exceptional experience, my best workout ever , and I slept like a baby , and this morning no soreness totally healed, goin to do cardio, I love halo a nice edition, I could not worry on halo I was so positive, I was waiting for the bottom to fall out , but things got even better, so after this work out I take a break for few days no halo till next week, happy Black Friday
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    No I also has a master degree from the school of hard knocks, if you fail any thing you get an ass whoppin lol
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    I think you may be Paretos most die hard supporter. Rock on lol
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    Oh shit well pareto better not upset you hey? We get it, you love Pareto! Your only posts here are once a month to tell the world how dumb you are and how much you love this lab. We all understand now at meso that munky sucks on this labs knob and he is the dumbest sob in Canada.
    @Sworder can you come and get your munky? He broke out of his cage and is pissing and shitting all over the place
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    He has a Master's degree! :eek:
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    I have been using this lab for a few years now. Customer service is unreal, I ALWAYS get a reply within 5 minutes no matter the day or time. Its almost concerning, the reps probably have serious insomnia lol.

    They sent two "gifts" which is always awesome alongside my order at no cost.

    Recently made a larger order with some items I have never tried (DHB+Mk677).

    I am currently injured with waiting on surgery for a tear in my shoulder so training is pretty half ass right now. I am running a mini cycle to retain muscle and diet down a bit.

    250mg Test C
    100mg tren A
    100mg Mast P
    15mg Mk677/day

    I was doing fine eating 125 carbs a day and around 2200 calories...
    The FIRST DAY of Mk677 I could not control my hunger at all. I was like some sort of crazed animal... I ended up going on a binge out of control which has never happened to me. Eating; 12 dads cookies, 2 donuts, 2 iced coffees, subway foot long, 9 eggs and a bag of candy on top of my 4 meals... it was bad. So I have been using this at night instead of in the morning which seems to help. My face already seems to be holding water, but it is probably from all of the sugar and sodium intake in 2 day. My sex drive also seems to be instantly shot but this could be related to feeling shitty with an injury.

    I won't be trying the DHB for a while until after the surgery. I will run 250 test alongside 200 dhb a day and see the results.

    I also got a friend some items and he will be running:
    600mg test
    400mg EQ
    60mg Anavar

    He has only ran 2 other cycles and his diet/training are impeccable so I am expecting to see some great things over the next 16 weeks for him.
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    This just made me hungry lol. Run the nutra half pill before bed no carbs and a half pill am. It helps keep the appetite under control for me anyways. After your surgery id bump it to a pill am and pill pm. Ive had a lot of injuries in the past. And getting that growth factor up helps healing time so much
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    Smart man, I will try this. I actually thought about splitting the pill but they are made out of beskar steel and I cannot break them in half for f sakes. LOL
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    Even half a tablet I can’t control my hunger... and I’m pretty good with these things

    mk677 ... great for bulking.
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    is this china ban thing gonna affect pareto in anyway??
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    Likely will have some effect on every manufacturer throughout the entire UGL supply chain. It all depends as to the level of compliance from Chinese origin raw powder suppliers and if their government will actually enforce a ban. They may provide a compliance time frame to give their businesses a chance to reorganize.
  14. It's all posturing.

    If it wasnt, there wouldnt be a world wide Fentanyl epidemic...
    Of which 98% is still produced by legitimate businesses in China.

    Its bullshit.

    Doing business in China, you have to remember one thing.

    They will talk big and wont do a thing.
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    The reason I would say he put out a statement instead of “going bro” is because he’s the business owner / exec. It’s just smart to concede. The reason we went “full bro” is because it’s our opinion. He’s apologizing for giving an over powered substance which many joke is a “girls steroid”.
    If it was something like DNP or t3 where overdoing it would have catastrophic outcomes I would see where the fuss is coming from.
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    Is there a new ban for producing raws in China? Didn’t hear anything about this.
  17. Don't worry Scotian it won't affect Pareto
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    Haha, love the enthusiasm, lol.
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    How’s elementary school treating you today? Did you get in any fights on the munky bars?
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  20. Munky-san Miyagi very proud!
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