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  1. You still dont get it,

    But I won't clog up Paretos thread with explanations.

    They released a good statement and made things right.
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    Ok so guys ive noticed these new vials recently of test e (darker blue labels)seem to have shitty rubber stoppers not sure about other stocks . but i just opened a new vial and used 23g to draw and once i finished boom a rubber peice floating... This is the second vial this has happened to in a matter of a couple uses both had this problem. This didnt use to happen to my other stuff. Anyone else notice this...
  3. Steve84

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    Did you reach out to your rep? Lol
  4. UpNorth

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    Post a pic if you can

    Is the rubber dry? Or are you putting the needle in a certain way?
  5. sixfoot6

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    Halfway through a new order with Pareto

    Running a base of test with tren ace and mast p, and Anavar I just started up

    No pip, and the tm101 is one of the most versatile compounds I have used. I have learned however that I cannot really handle masteron as it swells up my prostate like a blowfish. But that’s a me problem


    New packaging is dope too

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  6. Love the microwave shot!
  7. Nissan

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    Does anyone know if they use EO in their Test P?
  8. sixfoot6

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    It doesn’t say so on the label
  9. xheavydx

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    Last I knew of there is some, yes.
    However that would be a question best answered by your rep. Things change.
    Hope this helps...
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    Has anyone ever ran ru58841?

    I’m scared of finasteride and the limp penis stories.
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    Haha there is whole gangs of munky's , gorilla warfare, Che Guevara is our idol lol
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    Yass my asian girlfriend very proud too lol
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    Do you draw up in a different spot every time, I always move it around, I ran test suspension and winny suspension new vials, no issues brotha
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    I no speak English, I use Google translate lol
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    That's nice of you to reach out and communicate in a language you are not familiar with! Thank you. What is your nationality? :)
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    Fawk not sure, check with have results in the new year, maybe a little Quebecois lol
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    Oh that sounds exotic, I bet you swear in French when you copulate! Haha, no homo :d
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    You mean there’s a gang of Pareto dick riders with ultra low iq?
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    EFCF2A08-0581-445F-ADAC-98FD9E5AE62C.jpeg Update for my cycle. I dropped the d bol and kept everything else.

    I’ve been down around 2500 calories and slicing it down along with Helios and cardarine, until my vacation in the new year

    everything is working perfectly and especially the AI and caber, as I have zero sides to speak of as long as I keep up my schedule properly